Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fireside Concert - Date Announcement!

We've just set a date for our 2013 Fireside Concert!

Infinitely More Fireside Concert
Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013

This year, St. John's announced that they'll be selling Comer House, 
so this will be our final concert in this beautiful and comfy venue!

We only have 30 tickets available, so feel free to 
reserve your ticket at

Tickets are only $15, and include free apple cider & sweets.

Fireside Concert 2012

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Our New Nativity Video!!!!

We're pleased to debut our nativity video - My Heart is the Manger!

A few weeks ago, we asked you to submit your nativity photo.

To celebrate the beautiful themes of "My Heart is the Manger,"
we thought it would be lovely to showcase all the different nativities we could find,
and you filled our inbox with photos!

As we started to go through them, we were overwhelmed at the variety. 
They represented families, churches, schools, and communities.

But the common theme was the story... 
... that beautiful story of God entering our world as a child, 
and the loving family that embraced him that first Christmas night.

Please enjoy our new video, My Heart is the Manger. 
And when you're finished watching, please feel free to share the link with your friends 
via email, on your blog, facebook page, twitter account, or any other online space!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy Advent One!

We kicked off the day with a 3 hour carolling session at the beautiful Allan Gardens Christmas Flower Show. This is an annual event for us, and the start of our Christmas season. We sing in the beautiful Victorian palm house, surrounded by stunning flower displays, happy families, and children making ornaments.

The Advent Wreath at St. John's York Mills.

Tonight, we had an Advent Carol Service at The Gathering. Our worship was built on three scripture readings that tell the promise of a coming king. For each reading, we had a summary, some dialogue, and a song of reflection. Add in an intimate Communion, and the evening was a wonderful welcome to the Advent season.

The countdown to Christmas had begun!

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Nativities Are In!

Last week, we put out the request for nativity photos for our upcoming Christmas video, 
and wow, did you respond!

The variety is astounding: all sizes, all shapes, all colours, all styles. Some are handmade with simple materials, and some are crafted by professional artisans. Some were created to fill an entire front lawn, and others fit in the palm of your hand. We even have a few with live figures!

There's still a few hours to get your photo in! 

If you'd like to submit your nativity photo, 
please email it to by tomorrow morning.

Thanks! I'll post a link as soon as the video is live! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Book Review: Neighbors and Wise Men, by Tony Kriz

I'm a huge fan of Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. When I saw that this book was written by 'Tony the Beat Poet' of Blue Like Jazz fame, I knew I had to give it a go.

Tony Kriz was raised in a 2-team Christian environment. There were those who had Jesus, and those who didn't, with no room for grey in between. Following a spiritual crisis, Kriz embarked on a journey of rediscovering his faith that took him to varied and expected places - a Portland bar, a Muslim country, an 'atheist' campus, to name a few.

I loved this book. Kriz's honesty and authenticity resonated with me. Faith is a messy business. Too often we want to put on our shiny, happy Jesus-faces and pretend it's all perfect, but who does that really serve? This book will encourage you to seek God in unconventional places and faces. Each chapter is great, but I'll forever return to his image of evangelism-like-a-sunset. Curious? In the advice of Kriz, "pour yourself a chewy India Pale Ale (or your beverage of choice)" and "let the epiphanies come."

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Need Your Nativity!

Okay, not the whole nativity. Just a photo!

This year, we recorded Gerald's beautiful Christmas song, "My Heart is the Manger." Inspired by a Christmas sermon preached by my Dad, Rev. Hollis Hiscock, the song is a reminder to welcome the Christ child into your heart each Christmas.

To celebrate and share this song, we've decided to create a video featuring the primary image of Christmas: the Nativity. And that's where you get to join the fun!

Please email us a photo of your nativity! 

It can be from your home, church, school, or community. 
We'll compile all the photos into a video that we'll feature on our YouTube channel.

We're excited to see all the different kinds of nativities out there, 
and we always love projects where everyone can contribute to the greater cause!

Please email your photo to 
by Friday, November 30.  

We'll post the video in early December! 
Thank you for joining in our Christmas celebration!

The fine print:
- please make sure that you own the photo
- if any people are in the photo, please check that you have their permission to include the photo in our video
- we'll do our best to include every photo, but please understand if we can't fit them all in!
- sending your photo to us does not give us any ownership of the photo, but you are giving permission to include the photo in the My Heart is the Manger video for use on the internet
- send any questions to 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Flanders Fields, the Poppies Grow...

Today, we remember those who fought and sacrificed for our freedoms.

This is our Infinitely More arrangement of the classic poem of remembrance, 
In Flanders Fields, with music by Gerald.

Enjoy and share!

Lest we forget...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We're in a Christian Bookstore!

The Family Christian Bookstore in Burlington has become the first Christian bookstore 
to carry our new Infinitely More CD!

We've been shopping at this store for years, 
and we love their commitment to supporting local musical talent.

If you're in the Burlington area, please drop by the store and show your support 
by purchasing a copy of Infinitely More!

Click HERE for store directions.

Friday, November 09, 2012

New Photos!!

We've got all our GMA Week photos up!

You can see them on our SITE or FACEBOOK page.

With Female Vocalist of the Year, Ali Matthews.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

GMA Canada Week - Day #4 & the Covenant Awards!

GMA Week ended tonight with a closing banquet and the Covenant Awards ceremonies. 50 different awards were given out, for albums and songs in every Christian music genre imaginable. The majority of awards were given out during the dinner, with lots of chatting and visiting filling in the gaps.

This is the first year the Covenants have been televised, so at 8:00 we all moved into the CTS studio for the taping. The show was tight, funny, and full of fantastic performances.

The range of music was impressive. Downhere, Greg Sczebel, and Starfield provided the super cool rock element, while singer-songwriters like Ali Matthew gave moments of ethereal beauty. The show ended on a high note with a killer duet between the Toronto Mass Choir (recipients of the lifetime achievement award) and Newworldson. The whole night was incredibly entertaining, and a masterclass on great performing.

The Toronto Mass Choir and Newworldson.

Our GMA Week experience has really been fantastic, but like all great conferences, we'll need a few days to go through everything, and probably a few months to execute all the things we've learned in these busy days. We've been exposed to so much great music, so many great lessons - our job now will be the always essential follow-up. Contact the people we met. Go through the notes we took. Look at what we've been doing so far. Figure out where we want to go next and how we might apply this week's lessons on that journey.

Of course, first, we'll probably just need a good long day of recovery! Good night!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

GMA Canada Week - Day #3

Today was awesome. I'm going to need to take a good half day this week just to review my notes and figure out how to apply them all.

We had another full day of GMA workshops, focusing on promoting and touring your music. Again, the guest speakers were knowledgable and generous. The Q&A sessions could have gone on for hours and hours.

The artists in the room wanted to know about the obviously important stuff:

  • how do I book gigs?
  • what are good social networking tools?
  • do I need a publicist?

But what was wonderful were the powerful, personal, necessary questions that people also asked:

  • how do we deal with growing older in an industry that values youth?
  • how do we cope with the tension between family life and being on the road?
  • how do we handle issues of insecurity and self-sabatoge?

The answers were insightful and authentic. So often, Christian leaders feel the need to be so slick and perfect. There was none of that today, and it was completely refreshing.

Hanging with new friends, 
including Juno award-winning singer-songwriter, Greg Sczebel.

I'm posting some photos tonight on our Facebook page. 
Come take a look! 

Monday, November 05, 2012

GMA Canada Week - Day #2

Wow, how do I put all of today into a few words?

The day started with an incredible workshop on songwriting. Gerald and I have attended lots of songwriting workshops, both in Toronto and in Nashville, and this was one of, if not the, best.

Ben Cantelon and Greg Sczebel led the first hour, sharing their tools and knowledge of songwriting. I think what made today stand out was the attention to detail. They assumed that everyone in the room knew the Song 101 basics, so they focused on the themes of discipline and creativity. The two sound opposed, but they're both critical, and challenging, to songwriters of all levels.

In the second hour, a panel was formed for a Q&A session which, frankly, could have gone on for at least another hour or more.

At lunch, we continued to meet people and learn about their music and ministries. I don't know why I should be shocked at this, but I'm amazed at the huge pools of undiscovered talent in our country. The churches in Canada are so blessed by musical talent!

The "Record Your Song" Workshop.

After lunch, the workshop focused on recording, with a similar format as the morning. Things really took off in the Q&A, with really practical questions around the ins-and-outs of recording an indie CD. I asked a question about creating a live CD (something that totally intrigues me), and I was blessed with lots of information from the panel.

This evening was showcase night! Each artist on the line-up had crazy credits to their name: Covenant Awards, Junos, opening for major artists, and a host of other accolades. But more than that, they had fantastic songs and performances. The only challenge was trying to run back and forth between the two concert spaces to catch as many performances as possible.

The night ended with lingering and chatting, sharing stories and just learning more about everyone. These days are flying by. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...

Sunday, November 04, 2012

GMA Canada Week - Day #1

In Nashville, we had lots of chances to get involved with the Christian music industry. They practically meet you when you get off the plane.

But in Canada, everything is much more spread out, less obvious. So this week, we're attending our first ever GMA (Gospel Music Association) Canada Week!

It's 4 days of competitions, showcases, workshops, and concerts, ending with the Covenant Awards on Wednesday night. We're looking forward to meeting other artists and learning the ins-and-outs of the Canadian Christian music industry.

Today, we participated in the talent and songwriting competitions. Each performer had the chance to present a song in each category, and let me tell you, there is some crazy, undiscovered talent floating around in Canadian churches. Family bands to teenage songwriters, flautists to horn players - all using their unique musical creativity to praise God. I was completely amazed that for the performance competition, almost everyone sang their own originals!

After each person or group presented their song, the industry panel would provide some feedback. We sang "A Divine Heart Imagined You" for performance, and shared "Living Manna" and "You Take Me Higher" for songwriting. In both cases, we received great feedback and helpful suggestions.

The whole day was inspiring and challenging. When you see the talent out there, you can't help but get excited, but that little push comes too: what more can we do with our music to make the most of our talents, and share the Gospel message?

Tomorrow, the workshops begin!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Children's Ministry Conference

What a day of joy and encouragement!

Today, we sang and led worship for Making It Easier to Serve - Leading Children's Ministry Conference. This event gathered people in all kinds of children's ministries - staff members, Sunday school teachers, youth ministers, and pastors - for a day of workshops and networking.

We started the day bright and early (sopranos should never sing at 8:30am!!) with a mini-concert of music as people gathered. We mostly sang our originals, such as "Infinitely More," "A Divine Heart Imagined You," and the song Gerald finished in Rocky Harbour, NL, on our East Coast Tour, "Oh My God, I Love You."

For our portion of the opening worship, we led a rousing and soulful rendition of "Wade in the Water," which definitely woke everyone up! We also shared our song, "Let the Children Come Unto Me," which we specifically wrote to gather children together in worship. We made up packages for each attendee with music for the song, our Infinitely More colouring sheets, and our new brochure.

For the closing worship, we led the crowd in Psalm 104 set to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," and our pop/hymn mash-up, "Joyful, Joyful Meets Jeremiah." As a special tribute to all the attendees, we finished the day with Ray Boltz's "Thank You."

Throughout the entire day, we had the chance to visit with interesting and passionate people - arts educators, book sellers, teachers, musicians, clergy, and people who just love bringing ministry to children. I continue to be fascinated by the journeys and lives of people of faith. I wish "the world" saw more of these kinds of Christians - honest, simple, quiet people, plugging into their communities, reaching out to the fringes, seeking solutions, and trying to let people know they're loved.

These are the people who should be making the news. 
It's not always dramatic, but it is life changing.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

My favourite quote of the day:

Halloween is the one day of the year on which it is still 
culturally appropriate to walk up to someone’s house uninvited. 
Don't waste it.
Our Nashville pastor, Thomas McKenzie

My creations for the night...


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Singing for a Car Rally?

Okay, we might be alone here, but until recently, we had no idea what a car rally was or why we would be singing at one.

When our home church announced that they'd like to have a car rally, I imagined a drag race, starting at the church yard, whipping up over the 401, and ending with a front page story of how our parishioners elicited a record number of traffic tickets on a Saturday night.

Turns out, it's less dramatic, but much more fun.

For the uninitiated, a car rally is like a scavenger hunt, where teams collect answers to riddles by driving a pre-planned route and answering trivia questions about certain locations.

Despite the wicked rain, a good crowd gathered for yesterday's rally, and at the end of the drive, we were part of the celebration that included music, pizza, and prizes.

Hoping to have more photos by the end of the week. When we added "unconventional and unexpected venues" to our About page, we really didn't know where it would lead us. 

Next time, maybe we'll sing right from our car! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rain, Rain, Stay Today...

The beauty of working from home on a rainy, grey day:

Kitchen cafe full of espresso and hot chocolate....

Puppy "interns" who assist with cuddles and much-needed play breaks...

All-day pajamas...

No traffic, slippery roads, wet umbrellas, flattened hairdos... 

Quiet time to write, read, sing, reflect...

Studying in my favourite pink chair, with this view...

I love every chance we get to travel, 
go to different churches, sing for crowds, 
and minister to people.

But I'll be the first to admit, on a day like this, 
there's no place like home...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

You Irreplaceable, You...

Last weekend, a rarity occurred: I was a solo act.

Gerald had been suffering from a terrible cold/flu/nastiness over the whole week. Nothing super-serious, but enough to shut him down. As the weekend approached, we realized that he wouldn't be up for preparing for our two worship services at St. John's, much less actually playing and singing on Sunday.

As I took the reins of the services (musically speaking), I realized that Gerald left big shoes to fill in terms of his creativity, sound, and musical leadership. Our musicians stretched outside their comfort zones, revealed new talents, and showed an inspiring combination of creativity and teamwork. The results were wonderful. Different than it would have been with Gerald, but still wonderful.

As I watched all this happening, I was reminded of Paul's writings on spiritual gifts and the body of Christ. We all have a unique role to play. We are called to do something that's important. It may not always seem important to us, but clearly, if He's asked it of us, it's important to God.

When one of us doesn't show up, it matters.

Some days, like with illness, we can't physically show up, and that's okay. Maybe that's actually God's plan for the day.

But what I started thinking about was bigger, broader, than this:

What happens when we don't show up at all?

What happens when we choose not to believe in or follow God?
What happens when we don't bother to seek God's plan for our lives?
Or if we do find it, we don't choose to say "Yes"?
What happens when we start living our life in Christ, and then just check out of the whole process?
Can we ever truly understand the ripple effects of these decisions?

When you show up, it matters.

You are so important. 
So very, very important in the kingdom of God. 
God has a plan for you, and when you're not there, it matters... 
to other people, 
to the moment, 
to God's eternal plan...

In the immortal words of Ira Gershwin: 
"You irreplaceable, you..."

Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Review: Grace, by Max Lucado

This is the 3rd book I've reviewed on the topic of "grace" and it's, without a doubt, my favourite.

I'm a huge fan of Max Lucado, so I entered this review with a bias, but I loved, loved reading this book! Max's writing is theologically and factually informative, which is great, but it's more than that. As I read about the topic of grace, I felt the emotions of grace coming through the pages - generous, abundant, warming, life-changing. The danger in discussing topics such as grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love is that we can forget that these are powerful forces that can elicit powerful emotions in us. Why shouldn't we be moved by reading about God's grace? Isn't it more concerning if we're not moved by the subject?

I highly recommend this book. It's well written, well organized, has great stories, lots of Scripture quotes, and comes complete with a study guide.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Infinitely More singing for Children's Ministry Conference

Next month, we'll be leading worship for Making it Easier to Serve: Children's Ministry Leadership Conference. The day will be filled with workshops on children's ministry for an audience of clergy, Sunday school teachers, and youth ministers from a variety of denominations.

The organizers gave us a lovely write-up on their blog. 
You can read the post HERE.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We've had the most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

On Saturday, we gathered with my family for an evening of feasting! Three generations laughed, sang, and shared stories. The table was set for 12 but my Mom cooked for 25, so we all went home with bags of leftovers, grateful for so much abundance.

Mom's beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangement.

On Sunday, we were blessed with a night of beautiful worship at The Gathering. We brought a little sweet table to thank our musicians for sharing their talents on Thanksgiving night, and everyone indulged in cookies, strawberries, and honey-peppermint iced tea. We sang songs of gratitude - "Give Thanks," "My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness," and Hillsong's "Worthy is the Lamb." We continue to be humbled by the faithfulness, talent, and camaraderie of our band.

And today, we rested. We enjoyed the cool weather, the fridge full of leftovers, and the peace of a quiet house.

We are blessed beyond measure. 
Some days, it can be hard to remember that.
I pray we may always live in that space of gratitude.


Friday, October 05, 2012

We're on iTunes!

Our new CDs are on iTunes! Just in time to get your Thanksgiving soundtrack ...

Click the photos or links below to bring you to the iTunes store.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Allison, by John Viljoen

A number of years ago, I met portrait artist John Viljoen when we were both teaching at the same arts school.

Needless to say, I was more than flattered when he asked me to sit for a portrait. But what I didn't anticipate was the power of joining in someone else's creative process in this unique way. Like working with a photographer, I realized part of my job, the way I could contribute to John's art, was to simply be open and present, living in the moment.

Years later, John gave us the original as a wedding gift. 
He recently posted the photo online, so I thought I'd share it with you. 

It was a really creative time in my life. I had just spent long days in the sanctuary of St. John's Church with Gerald (who was my brand new fiancĂ©!) and our best friends, recording my first CD - It Is Well With My Soul. On the day that John captured the expression in the painting, I had just received my first disc with the almost finished recordings. We played it in the studio, and as I listened, John painted.

When I look at this painting, my mind drifts back to that time,
 remembering the power of creativity and friendship.

For more information on the art of John Viljoen, 
please visit

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back to Church Sunday

Today, we played two services at St. John's York Mills to celebrate Back to Church Sunday.

Many churches put on their game-face today, and we were no exception. The music in the morning made use of our talents, the choir, the worship band, organ, and handbell choirs. The sermon was ripping, and the congregation stayed after the service for BBQ and bocce ball. Each group in the church prepared a booth for a 'trade fair,' and Gerald and I even performed a little outdoor concert. So thankful for perfect weather!

At The Gathering, we had a full band, complete with saxophone, violin, and organ. Our pre-service song was our new arrangement of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and our solo was Gerald's new ballad, "Oh My God, I Love You." After a moving message inspired by the book of James, we gathered around the altar for an intimate communion.

One person said to me today, "This feels like Easter." Today was a lot of work for some of us, but it's so worth it with a comment like that. Of course, shouldn't our worship always feel like Easter? Shouldn't we always have that feeling of joy and freedom?

So the challenge: How do we make Easter every Sunday?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Book Review: 1,000 Days - The Ministry of Christ, by Jonathan Falwell

I chose to review this book because I love the starting point: Jesus came to Earth to give us salvation. He could have done that in a day, but instead, chose to walk with us in three years of full-time ministry. If salvation was the only goal, why bother with the three year ministry? What was that all about?

I was hoping this would be an in-depth look at those three years, picking apart the details of Jesus's words and actions. Instead, the book is organized in broad strokes. I think as a "Jesus 101" book, this is great. If you're new to the story of Jesus, this is a great way to get an overview. But for those of us who are looking for something deeper, this book won't provide it. There are some great nuggets of insight in the book, but they were too few and far between to keep my interest.

If you're new to the faith, or not a Christian but interested in the story, check this out. There are also questions for personal reflection or group discussion at the end of each chapter.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Angels in the Dust - Our tribute to 9/11

Not long after the events of 9/11, Gerald met a first responder. 
He captured his story in the song "Angels in the Dust" 
and recorded it on his new CD Every Church is a Small Town.

This simple video shares the story of "Angels in the Dust."
Listen, remember, and share...

You can download the song at

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 32 - HOME!!

32 days on the road:

5 provinces

16 performances

4 denominations

6500+ kilometres

2 ferries

2 new CDs

1 new song written

350 photos

32 blog posts

Countless moments of beauty....

It's been an amazing month. We've been so blessed to enjoy hour upon hour with our beautiful extended family, our generous hosts, and our fantastic audience members.

We're so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey!

And tonight, we're also grateful for our own bed, 
our sweet puppies, 
and a family to welcome us home...

Monday, September 03, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 31

We couldn't leave Quebec without visiting the lower part of the old city, so before heading west today, we drove downtown and squeezed in a few more hours of beauty.

The lower part of Old Quebec is definitely, without-a-doubt, our favourite part of the city! The buildings are all dated, and many date back to the 1600's. These streets felt even more twisty and intimate than the upper city. We spent hours drifting through antique stores and art galleries. We watched artisans blowing glass. We ate the most amazing breakfast-for-2 on the most beautiful courtyard patio.

A word too on the wonderful buskers here in Quebec. We've seen guitarists, keyboardists, flautists, and dancers. We even saw an opera singer who was playing her accompaniments on what only can be described as a large music box she had strapped to her waist. The musicians filled every block, but never close enough to be in competition.

So now, I'm writing from Montreal. We've had a little walk, a great meal, and now we're resting in the hotel room.

Second last day, last night of the tour.

We'll be home in less than 24 hours.


Sunday, September 02, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 30

Sunday in Old Quebec!

This morning, I took a bus that could only be equated with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride down to Old Quebec to attend worship at Holy Trinity Cathedral. The service was the well known Anglican communion (service from the Book of Alternative Services & hymns from Common Praise), but there were so many special touches!

The Cathedral sponsors missions to Burundi, so today's message came from the missionary herself, and special music was provided by musicians who had traveled from Burundi. They played guitar, piano, and rhythm instruments. Their voices infused the sanctuary with sounds of praise.

Three young children from the church had prepared a Burundian song to sing after the message. As they started, it was clear that they were shaking with nerves. The Burundian musicians in the pews began to sing along softy to encourage them. As the children smiled at the support, the musicians, one by one, left the pews and stood alongside the children. Their soft voices lifted the energy of the children, and we were all witnesses to the power of walking beside another... without a doubt, the most powerful moment of the day.

The prayers were also incredible in this worship service. This congregation is English, but a few prayers were said in French, and the blessing was given in German. When it came time for the Lord's Prayer, the Dean said, "Please say the Lord's Prayer in your own language." So we prayed in English, French, German, Burundian, and possibly more. I was reminded of the day of Pentecost when the apostles spoke in every language.

The rest of the day was dedicated to enjoying this glorious city. We strolled through alleys of artisans, enjoying the paintings, sketches, woodwork, weaving, and jewellery.

As we took a break on one of the hundreds of patios in Old Quebec, an accordion player filled with air with French and Italian classics, including my favourite, "La Vie En Rose."

We ended the day with an amazing meal, fruity gelato, and a late night walk along the top of the wall that encircles the city.

This weekend has been such a time of beauty. It's been a long month, but we're definitely going home refreshed and feeling relaxed...

New Photos from Old Quebec!

We're having a great day in Old Quebec! 
Taking a little rest now to gear up for tonight, so I thought I'd post a few photos. 

You can see them on our SITE and FACEBOOK page.

By the beautiful Chateau Frontenac...

Saturday, September 01, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 29

I woke up this morning to the sounds of Gerald playing songs in the kitchen area of our hotel room. Can't think of a better way to start the day...

It's fantastic to have a few days to just have fun here in Quebec City. We took the bus to Old Quebec, which is one of the most fantastic places in the country. The old city is surrounded by a stone wall, and the buildings within were built anytime between the 17th and 19th centuries. Roads are cobblestone, and lined with restaurants, cafes, artisans, churches, and shops.

We enjoyed hours of exploring, including a wonderful cafe respite of sipping cappuccino and nibbling on fresh-baked treasures.

I've posted a few photos of our day on our SITE and FACEBOOK page. 

It's hard to capture this kind of day in photos - we highly recommend a visit!

Mmmmmm..... macaroons! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 28

Hello from Quebec City!

Those who know me well will know that I'm definitely a "night person", so you'll be shocked to hear that we were up at sunrise today! Yes, actual sunrise.

Last night, our hosts informed us that they have a sauna on their property if we wanted to indulge this morning. So we were up bright and early, just in time to see the sunrise over the low tide of the Bay of Fundy. The sauna was a decadent treat, and by the time breakfast was ready, the tide was already refilling the Bay. (I've posted before and after shots on our SITE and FACEBOOK page.) We lingered as long as we could, driving through town and loving every turn on the road. What a gorgeous area!

After a long drive, we've finally arrived in Quebec City! This will be a little vacation on the end of the tour. We'll be enjoying art, music, and whatever adventures we can find in this great city! Stay tuned for more updates, and lots more PHOTOS!!

This morning ...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 27

Hello from beautiful St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea in New Brunswick!

We left Moncton this morning and started the drive south to St. Andrew's, and what a drive it was! The closer we got to the Bay of Fundy, the more beautiful things became.

We stopped for lunch at an unassuming little place called the Bay Breeze. As we walked through the tiny restaurant, we noticed a patio and grabbed a table.

What - a - spot!! The sky was clear and bright blue, and our 180 degree view was the stunning Bay of Fundy. The water was lush and expansive. Sea gulls drifting by and provided a gentle soundtrack. The sun beat down, but the heat was relieved by the gentle breeze.

We couldn't resist indulging in more seafood as we drank in the beauty of our surroundings. By the time our food arrived, we were the only people on the patio, and the silence was golden. It's hard to put the whole scene into words, but it was truly a perfect moment.

The beauty continued as we arrived at our host family's home just outside St. Andrew's. Right on the water, the backyard has a fantastic view of the famous Bay of Fundy tides.

We drove into town tonight for our final tour concert at All Saints Church. We approached the concert with feelings of gratitude for all that we've experienced over the past month. During the intermission, one lady said, "This is exactly what I needed tonight." Moments like that make it all worthwhile.

After the show, we stayed up late, visiting and helping our hosts celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary! We've been blessed to stay with amazing people on this trip.

I imagine we'll do a lot of debriefing over the next few weeks, but for now, all I want is a good night's sleep!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Photos

We've got new photos up on our SITE and FACEBOOK page!

Click the links above to check them out.

My new Irish penny whistles, from O'Brien's Music Store.

East Coast Tour - Day 26

Hello from Moncton, New Brunswick!

Our ferry crossing was fantastic, and we got on the road bright and early. The weather was just perfect for driving, and with the exception of some construction, we had a great drive.

We stopped at a little seafood stand for lunch and, yet again, I had mussels. I realized that I've had mussels four times on this trip, twice in the past 24 hours! Nothing wrong with that...

We have one more concert left on the tour. I can't believe we're this close to the end of things!

Tomorrow, we sing in St. Andrew's, NB. We were supposed to sing there last year, but we were shut out by infamous Hurricane Irene. Barring all tropical storms and natural disasters, we're really looking forward to tomorrow night!

For tonight, we're settled into a cozy little hotel in Moncton, NB. We're a little tired, so pizza is on the way, and nothing but relaxing is on the schedule for the night....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 25

For the first time in over three weeks, we're heading west.

We spent our final morning in St. John's visiting family, strolling around downtown, eating mussels, and wishing we had a few more days in the city. Our time has flown by. I always wish Newfoundland was easier to visit, or I wish we were millionaires and could fly in anytime on our private jet. Sometimes you've gotta dream for the impossible...

Tonight, we're on the ferry! I say it every time, but I love being on a boat!!

This will be about a 14 hour trip, so we booked early and got a cabin. When we arrived, we found out our cabin has a window! Score!

So tonight, I'm writing to you from our cozy little cabin on the Atlantic Vision ferry, crossing from Argentia, Newfoundland, to North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We're relaxed, comfortable, and ready for an easy night on the ocean...

Monday, August 27, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 24

Today was our last performance in Newfoundland for this tour.

We visited the Agnes Pratt Nursing Home and performed an hour of hymns and popular inspirational songs for the residents. It was a great way to finish this leg of our trip.

This concluded our 6 Concerts in 6 Days. We're a little tired today, but our voices are still in great shape. Last year, we started doing a daily vocal warm-up we found online, and I think it's been instrumental in keeping us vocally healthy on this tour.

We returned the Bose system we had rented, but we won't be without one for long. Gerald is completely hooked, and I'm pretty much sold too. It just has everything we need, and it's so easy to sing with.

The rest of the day was just spent enjoying the city. We had an early supper of fish cakes and cod tongues - we're trying to eat as much Newfoundland food as we can! We stocked up on locally made Purity crackers and cookies. And we enjoyed an evening of listening to locally recorded music with our friends.

I can't believe we leave the island tomorrow! 
It's all gone by far too quickly. 
One more concert left!

I've also posted some photos from the past week. 
You can find them on our SITE or FACEBOOK page.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 23

It was great to have a day when we didn't have to drive anywhere!

We spent the afternoon lounging on the back deck, eating healthy food and enjoying the company of good friends.

This evening, we took the (thankfully) short drive to Mount Pearl to sing at The Parish of the Good Shepherd. We sang there last year, so we knew we were in for a good night.

The crowd was a good mix of friends, return audience members, and new faces. They laughed and sang along, and the whole night had a wonderful feeling.

After the show, we were talking with a longtime family friend and wishing we had time to grab a meal while we're in town. We made a rain cheque for our next visit, and parted ways.

On the way home, Gerald had a late-night craving for bad food, so we turned into the golden arches. Well, while we were in the line-up, who walked in but our family friend? Looks like we would have our meal together after all!

We chatted and laughed and had a great time. It's been a long few days, but we're still feeling strong, both vocally and spiritually.

One more Newfoundland show tomorrow afternoon!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 22

Hello from my hometown - St. John's, NL!!!!

We arrived early in the afternoon so we could rent a Bose sound system. Even though ours worked perfectly last night, we've been debating buying a new system for a while. We're just at the point we're we'd like something a little larger that can accommodate more instruments and possibly bigger venues. We've had our eye on the Bose towers, but thought it wise to rent before buying, so here we go.

Our venue for tonight was St. Thomas's Church, which was my home church for most of my childhood. Dad was the rector (head pastor) here for many years, and the sanctuary is full of memories.

There's nothing more powerful than looking out at an audience that is full of family, and folks who have known you your whole life.

Tonight felt like a strong night of ministry, and I believe Gerald has completely fallen in love with the Bose (I have picture to prove it - give me a day or 2 to post it.)

Tonight is performance #13 on our tour. Only 3 more to go!

Friday, August 24, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 21

Hello from Hodge’s Cove!

This morning started as all mornings should: sitting around the kitchen table, playing songs and sharing creativity with our Eastport hosts, Paul and Helena. After leaving their home, we visited retired Bishop Eddie and his wife, Emmie, for a visit that included tea, poetry, homemade muffins, music, theology, and a wicked thunderstorm.

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm followed us for most of the day. But as we say in Newfoundland, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes,” and by the time we hit Clarenville, things had settled down.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Hodge’s Cove or this area. The drive was twisty and grey, but when you crest the hill into Hodge’s Cove, you know it was worth the drive.

We were set to sing in St. Mary’s Church, one of 5 in a multi-point parish. After a great sound check, and an extra prayer over the sound system, we welcomed a full church for a fun evening’s entertainment. The crowd was with us from the start - singing, clapping along, and just smiling back at us. After, many people stopped for a chat and a word of encouragement, which we always appreciate.

One of the things we’re loving most about this tour is meeting so many interesting people. After the concert, we chatted with our hosts, Rev. Jessie and her husband Danny, about the ever-shifting and challenging dynamics of introducing contemporary church music to more traditional congregations. We also threw in a bit of chat about our favourite tv shows, just to keep it all balanced.

Tomorrow, we head into my hometown, St. John’s! Can’t wait!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 20

Hello from Eastport, and our craziest tech night ever!!

We said good-bye to our family in Botwood today over Gerald's favourite Newfoundland dessert: the Dockside's partridgeberry kuchen. Native to the island, partridgeberries are bright red, a little tart, and completely excellent on any kind of dessert. We were able to finagle a few jars of preserves from the kitchen, so I started the drive east with a happy husband in the car.

The church in Eastport is just gorgeous! It's a large, cross-shaped sanctuary with amazing hand-cut wood beams. There isn't a piece of stained glass in the whole church. Instead, the colour comes from the beautiful homemade banners that line the walls. We actually included the Easter banner in our "In The Garden" video.

One thing we love about this church is its beautiful acoustic. As we started the show, everything felt great. The sound was tight, and the audience was responsive.

At the intermission, I went back to the CD table while Gerald switched out the cables so we could play a few tracks. And that's when I heard it: thunder-like crashes coming out of our sound system.

We started the second half, praying everything would fall into place, but every few bars we'd hear something very non-musical coming through the speaker. We unplugged the tracks and decided to just go back to guitar. No such luck. The thunder/crashing/horror-sounds continued. We made the age-old joke about the devil being in the sound system and tried to laugh it off, while simultaneously trying not to freak out.

After a few minutes of trying to fix it, we just unplugged everything, and moved right down to the front of the audience. Suddenly, it felt like we were in a house concert. Everything was intimate, and somehow very special. After we finished, people said it was their favourite part of the show. Funny how things happen...

I don't know what we're going to do tomorrow night, but if you're in the mood for a weird prayer tonight, please pray for our sound system!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 19

And so it begins: 6 concerts in 6 days.

Tonight we returned to the Salvation Army Church in Peterview. When we lost Indian Bay on Sunday, we feared tonight would be (to use the theatre term) a 'dark' night. We were so happy when the people at the Salvation Army said "yes" to the idea of a concert tonight!

We arrived at the church mid-afternoon to set up and have a rehearsal. The first people started to arrive over an hour before showtime! We've never had people come that early! By 7:00 pm, the sanctuary had filled up, and the crowd was ready for a good time.

We switched things up a little tonight and added 2 new songs to the program: "My Heart is the Manger" from Every Church is a Small Town, and our funky new arrangement of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Love that new groove Gerald has created for this classic song!

Every show tends to be a little different, and tonight's was fun and relaxed. The audience was filled with joyful singers, and we truly felt welcomed and loved.

Tomorrow, we head a little further east to Eastport, and my Dad's hometown of Salvage!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 18

Today is our last day "off" until our final tour concert next week. Tomorrow, we start a run of 6 concerts in 6 days. After that, we have 3 full travel days (including a 14 hour ferry ride!), and then a concert in New Brunswick.

It's going to be a tight, busy schedule, so part of today had to be about resting and prepping:

We took my aunt and uncle out for a birthday celebration lunch at the beautiful Dockside Restaurant.

We reorganized the car, revisited the concert set list, and had a great rehearsal.

And tonight, we enjoyed a leisurely time on the back deck with the family.

Nobody can deny that being on tour is a lot of work, but it's definitely a lot of fun too!

Monday, August 20, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 17

Monday is usually our day off, and today, we really needed one.

Today has been dedicated to long walks, a hunt for ice cream, and dinner with the family.

I also updated the East Coast Tour photo album on our Facebook page. 
You can visit it by clicking HERE.

Sound check in Corner Brook.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 16

This morning we sang at the Salvation Army Church in Peterview, NL. After our concert on Friday, the church's music director invited us to perform a concert the next time we come through Newfoundland. Well, we really don't know if we'll be back this way again next year, so we offered to sing a few songs on Sunday morning. You never know what happens when you say "Yes" to something ...

The morning's service was fantastic! It's the 101st anniversary of this particular corps (congregation), so they had a wonderful guest speaker and a full house. The brass band lead the boisterous and joyful singing, and the junior praise team (featuring my young cousin!) stole the show. We sang Just a Closer Walk, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone,) and to honour the anniversary, Every Church is a Small Town.

After the service, everyone kept asking us if we'd be back for the evening service. So before we knew it, we were invited back for the evening, and we said "Yes."

This afternoon, we got the upsetting news that our Wednesday concert in Indian Bay was cancelled. We'd had a great time there last year, and the news was really disappointing. But saying "Yes" was still in our heads. Gerald said, "Maybe the Salvation Army would like a concert that night?" So when we returned to the church, we asked, and they said "Yes!"

So, we'll be singing a free concert at the 
Peterview Salvation Army Church, 
this Wednesday, 7:00pm. 
Come if you're in the area!

Back to tonight: the evening service was epic! More singing from the congregation and the junior praise team, and another fantastic message. We sang How Great Thou Art and Give Me Jesus. In celebration of the anniversary, the floor was opened for testimonies, and the stories began to flow. I could listen to testimonies all night long! The heartfelt messages of God's faithfulness were moving and inspiring. Some people chose to tell their stories through song, shouting out song titles to sing, or simply reading the lyrics aloud.

After the service, we enjoyed the anniversary reception. Nobody can put out a spread like church folk!

Cutting the anniversary cake with the oldest & youngest soldiers in the corps.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 15

Family day!

One of the best things about being in Newfoundland is being with my family. We see each other so rarely that when we get together, we really try to make the most of it.

Gerald and I enjoyed a relaxing morning of writing songs. As Gerald played a guitar riff, I started to hear a lyric. Of course, by the time he finished working out his guitar part, the lyric no longer fit the melody. No problem - now we have the start of 2 new songs!

The afternoon and evening were dedicated to feasting, laughing, telling stories, and just loving every minute. We went out to my cousin's house where we enjoyed fresh mussels, BBQ chicken, fresh cod, salads, and potatoes that were literally dug from the garden and dumped in the pot. The desserts smothered the table, and the drinks were chilled with none other than million-year-old iceberg ice!

Million-year-old iceberg ice!!

We ended the night with a campfire, complete with weiners and marshmallows. Our trip has been great, but with all the driving and travelling, it's great to just sit in one place for a while...

Friday, August 17, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 14

Hello from Botwood!

"Where's Botwood?" you may say.

Botwood is a small town in Central Newfoundland that's integral to my family history. It's the hometown of my Mom, Helen, and I spent much of my childhood here, visiting family. We'll actually spend the next few days doing just that.

As we were welcoming people before tonight's concert, the inevitable happened. "It's not hard to tell who you are," I heard. "You look just like your mother."

When I was a child, this was the only thing I hated about Botwood.

Now, I can't get enough of it.

We sang tonight in the beautiful Trinity United Church. Bold stained glass line the walls of the sanctuary, giving snapshots of Jesus's history.

We had a lot of musical folks in the audience, so there was lots of singing and grooving coming from the crowd, and nods-of-approval when Gerald would hit a particularly cool guitar lick.

Our next concert is Wednesday, so we'll take some time over the next few days to squeeze in some good rehearsals before hitting the road. We've had so much driving lately, and so many nights in hotels, that it's been hard to get any real rehearsal time going. My Dad made the best analogy: Like athletes playing road games, we need that daily stretch and play to keep things fresh.

Tomorrow, we stretch!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 13

Hello from Corner Brook!

It's late here in Newfoundland, and it's been a long one, so please excuse any typos or gibberish. I actually almost titled this post "East Coats Tour"!

I awoke this morning to the sound of a new lyric drifting through the air. Gerald was in the living room of our Rocky Harbour cottage strumming his guitar and working out the details for a new song. We made espresso and sang though the lyric, adding harmonies and polishing the very few rough edges. With a few run throughs, we may just add it to the concert next week.

We really wish we'd had more time in Gros Morne, but we spent the rest of the morning having a little drive, taking more photos, and enjoying a beautiful brunch at the exquisite Java Jive cafe.

The drive to Corner Brook was striking. Hills, mountains, and shade upon shade of deep green.

We arrived at our host home this afternoon, with lots of time for a visit, a rest, and a great meal.

At the end of each concert, we re-evaluate our program. What worked? What could work better? How can we express the message better? How can we add more fun? Tonight, we shifted things around a bit more, and things feel better and better every time. Building a show can get technical, but the goal is simple: How can we create an atmosphere where the audience can emotionally connect with the message?

Tonight we sang for the receptive crowd at St. Michael & All Angels. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed. One person said he felt like the church pews were couches, and we are all in a big living room together. We love that!

We've just finished a long post-concert session of cake and chatting. Looking forward to heading a little further east tomorrow, and seeing some family!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 12

Hello from Rocky Harbour!

When I realized we had an extra night before our first Newfoundland concert, I decided to take a detour and show Gerald one of the island's (and arguably the country's) most beautiful areas - Gros Morne National Park.

Now, in an ideal world, we'd have a few days to drift around the area, soaking in the incredible beauty, the lingering walking trails, and the host of live music and theatre festivals, but even one night was worth the drive.

We arrived late afternoon (admittedly, we were slow getting on the road after yesterday's epic travel day) and settled into our little cabin. I took a stroll through town and found a great spot on the beach where the tide was out. My camera got a workout as I investigated the tide pools and breathed in the incredible vistas. (I'll post the shots when I get a faster internet speed.)

Earle's restaurant looks like it should only serve burgers and fries, but their seafood menu was extensive and fresh. They literally get it from the fish plant down the road. We grabbed a table on the breezy patio and feasted on Newfoundland delicacies - scallops with bacon, toutons & molasses, moose meat pie, cod fried with scrunchions, and finishing with a homemade molasses cookie.

We're about to enter a busy couple of weeks, so tonight's respite was just perfect. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 11

It's been a 14 hour travel day. FOURTEEN hours!!! Whew!

We left Halifax bright and early to drive east to catch the ferry to Newfoundland. It was a great day in the car - clear weather, good soundtrack, and lots of laughing.

Driving through Cape Breton was beautiful, of course. We arrived early in North Sydney, so we found a restaurant right by the water. The weather was perfect, so we grabbed a picnic table overlooking the ferries and ordered the special of the day - lobster casserole! Big pieces of lobster swimming in cheese and cream sauce. Talk about a decadent lunch!

In the afternoon we boarded the ferry! I love any chance to get on a boat (I'm like my Dad that way.) We were able to grab a quiet couple of seats by the window, and settled in for a smooth crossing. I got a couple of great photos of the sunset that I'll post tomorrow.

We also met more Christian musicians on the ferry! A PEI-based Celtic family group called The Skys. They're touring Newfoundland for the first time. Lots of great music is about to hit the island!

We're settled into Port aux Basques for the night. Looking forward to every day of the next 2 weeks!

Toronto is our home where we live, 
and Nashville is our Southern home, 
but Newfoundland, well, that's the original.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Halifax Photos!

I've posted our Halifax photos on our SITE and our FACEBOOK page! 
Come check them out...

East Coast Tour - Day 10

That's right - Day 10. We're in the double digits! 

Today was our play day in Halifax! We took a gentle morning to reset ourselves after a busy weekend and in prep for a long travel day tomorrow. Of course, we had the energy to do all this thanks to our lovely espresso maker!

The afternoon was spent drifting in and out of music stores, playing guitars and chatting about gear. Every once in a while, Gerald would find a new guitar riff, and I would find a melody, so I'd pull out my iPhone and hit the 'record' button. When we get a bit of quiet time, we'll pull them out and see what kind of songs may grow...

Since we had a open night ahead, I sat down with the tourism brochures and set about to plan a wonderful Monday night in Halifax.

The first stop was the Just Us cafe. We'd heard all about this company from our hosts in Kentville. The founders started the first free trade coffee industry in Canada! Everyone here brags about their coffee, so we knew it would be worth a visit. The sprawling, cozy cafe was pretty empty tonight, so we enjoyed our espresso and cappuccino at a quiet table by a breezy window. Delicious and lovely!

The next leg of the night was well planned indeed: drive downtown, park the car, find the Old Triangle Irish Alehouse, eat pub food, and listen to great music.

Well, you know what they say about making plans....

We only got as far as parking the car.

Right by the parking lot was the harbour, and we were seduced to the boardwalk. From there, we found a fish and chips stand, with tables sitting right by the boats. The air was clean and easy, and the atmosphere was vibrant and relaxed.

How could we leave that to sit in a noisy pub?

We stayed till dark - chatting, watching the boats, and indulging in fantastic fish and chips. A group of kids (wow, don't I sound old???) who looked prom age headed out on a boat for a night of celebrating. We watched the sky fade and the lights shimmer on the water. We strolled and saw other relaxed families enjoying the pleasures of patios and buskers.

Tomorrow will be a long day with a drive to North Sydney and the ferry to Newfoundland, but it was completely worth staying the extra night in Halifax!

New Photo Page!

I've been posting our tour photos on our FACEBOOK page, but I've also just started a new photo album on our site.

To see the photos from the first week of our East Coast Tour, please click HERE.

Getting some puppy love with our host family in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 9

We started the morning back at St. James's Church to sing for the morning worship service. Their summer readings have all been based on Jesus as the Bread of Life, so after Communion, we sang Living Manna and Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone.)

After church, we joined 'the crowd' for brunch. Full platters, lively conversation, and much laughter filled the table.

We said our goodbyes,  promised to return again, and then set off for Halifax.

I've posted photos from the weekend on our FACEBOOK page.

After a bit of a rest (and watching the Olympics closing ceremonies!) we set out for the evening with Gerald's high school buddy who lives here in town. We indulged in fantastic Chinese food, and hit The Company House to catch a line-up of local stand-up comedians.

We'll squeeze in one more fun day here before crossing over to Newfoundland - going to make the most of it!

East Coast Tour - Day 8

We left Halifax late this morning to head to our next concert. I sometimes wish we had a camera in the car to capture our on-the-road vocalizing and rehearsing. We've been using a warm-up designed by Jamie Wigginton in Nashville, and we play it every day as we lip trill, ooh, and mum-mum-mum our way down the TransCanada.

Tonight we're writing from Kentville, about 90 minutes outside Halifax.

There's a group at St. James' Church in Kentville that's planning a mission trip to the Dominican next spring. Sixteen people will spend a week building a house, and sharing skills and resources with the local people. A few church members saw our Bedford house concert last year, so when they heard we were coming down this summer, they thought - Fundraiser!

So tonight, we performed our concert in support of the mission trip. We had a great turnout, and got to hear about the plans for the mission. Gerald and I have never done a mission trip, but the idea of it continues to keep a slow simmer in our brains. There was a great energy in the air tonight, and it was just a wonderful time of music and community.

After the concert, we returned to our hosts' gorgeous house on the lake. A night of homemade bread and stories ensued....

It's late, but we must be up early. We've been asked to sing at the worship service in the morning.

Friday, August 10, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 7

One week on the road! 
We're writing tonight from Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

We started with grey, rainy weather in New Brunswick this morning, but once we crossed the border into Nova Scotia, the skies cleared and it was beautiful and sunny all the way. We decided to push through and spend the night in Halifax - I don't know anyone who's been here who doesn't love it. I asked for restaurant recommendations on Facebook and received enough to last us a month!

Tomorrow, we head out to Kentville for a concert at St. James Anglican Church. It's been a fun couple of travel days, but we're really looking forward to getting back in the singing groove!

Song Downloads Available Now!!!

You can now download our new albums, 
Infinitely More and Every Church is a Small Town.

Visit to download individual songs or whole albums. 
Payment can be made with a major credit card or Paypal.

We hope you enjoy the music!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 6

Writing from Edmunston, New Brunswick!

Today was a long, but clear, day of driving. We knew we were truly east when we started seeing Irving gas stations.

We're tucked into a comfy hotel for the night. Tomorrow will be another long drive, getting closer to Nova Scotia for Saturday's concert.

If you haven't seen them yet, I posted our Montreal photos at

If you're not a Facebook member, don't worry - all our content is public!