Sunday, September 02, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 30

Sunday in Old Quebec!

This morning, I took a bus that could only be equated with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride down to Old Quebec to attend worship at Holy Trinity Cathedral. The service was the well known Anglican communion (service from the Book of Alternative Services & hymns from Common Praise), but there were so many special touches!

The Cathedral sponsors missions to Burundi, so today's message came from the missionary herself, and special music was provided by musicians who had traveled from Burundi. They played guitar, piano, and rhythm instruments. Their voices infused the sanctuary with sounds of praise.

Three young children from the church had prepared a Burundian song to sing after the message. As they started, it was clear that they were shaking with nerves. The Burundian musicians in the pews began to sing along softy to encourage them. As the children smiled at the support, the musicians, one by one, left the pews and stood alongside the children. Their soft voices lifted the energy of the children, and we were all witnesses to the power of walking beside another... without a doubt, the most powerful moment of the day.

The prayers were also incredible in this worship service. This congregation is English, but a few prayers were said in French, and the blessing was given in German. When it came time for the Lord's Prayer, the Dean said, "Please say the Lord's Prayer in your own language." So we prayed in English, French, German, Burundian, and possibly more. I was reminded of the day of Pentecost when the apostles spoke in every language.

The rest of the day was dedicated to enjoying this glorious city. We strolled through alleys of artisans, enjoying the paintings, sketches, woodwork, weaving, and jewellery.

As we took a break on one of the hundreds of patios in Old Quebec, an accordion player filled with air with French and Italian classics, including my favourite, "La Vie En Rose."

We ended the day with an amazing meal, fruity gelato, and a late night walk along the top of the wall that encircles the city.

This weekend has been such a time of beauty. It's been a long month, but we're definitely going home refreshed and feeling relaxed...

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