Thursday, August 16, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 13

Hello from Corner Brook!

It's late here in Newfoundland, and it's been a long one, so please excuse any typos or gibberish. I actually almost titled this post "East Coats Tour"!

I awoke this morning to the sound of a new lyric drifting through the air. Gerald was in the living room of our Rocky Harbour cottage strumming his guitar and working out the details for a new song. We made espresso and sang though the lyric, adding harmonies and polishing the very few rough edges. With a few run throughs, we may just add it to the concert next week.

We really wish we'd had more time in Gros Morne, but we spent the rest of the morning having a little drive, taking more photos, and enjoying a beautiful brunch at the exquisite Java Jive cafe.

The drive to Corner Brook was striking. Hills, mountains, and shade upon shade of deep green.

We arrived at our host home this afternoon, with lots of time for a visit, a rest, and a great meal.

At the end of each concert, we re-evaluate our program. What worked? What could work better? How can we express the message better? How can we add more fun? Tonight, we shifted things around a bit more, and things feel better and better every time. Building a show can get technical, but the goal is simple: How can we create an atmosphere where the audience can emotionally connect with the message?

Tonight we sang for the receptive crowd at St. Michael & All Angels. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed. One person said he felt like the church pews were couches, and we are all in a big living room together. We love that!

We've just finished a long post-concert session of cake and chatting. Looking forward to heading a little further east tomorrow, and seeing some family!

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