Friday, November 05, 2021

Book Review: Prepare Him Room, by Susie Larson

I love the "waiting" seasons.

In particular today, I'm thinking of Advent and Lent. 
These seasons are the perfect time to step away from busyness, make intentional choices, and remind ourselves that we're spiritual beings living an earthly world. 

With that in mind, you can guess how excited I was to be offered
an Advent devotional for review!

Prepare Him Room, by Susie Larson, is a 24 day devotional, designed to change our hearts in preparation for the birth of Christ.

First, we have to talk about design! This isn't a flimsy, pocket-sized devotional. The book itself is hardcover, with a gorgeous cover image, complete with raised text. The artwork and colours within the book are simple and beautiful. There's even a lovely ribbon to act as your daily bookmark. Everything about the design lends to a calm, inviting reading experience. 

And second, we have to talk about length! The industry standard for devotionals is 200-500 words per day, not including Scripture. Susie completely breaks the mold with this book! Each entry is 6-7 pages long. This is truly a devotional that invites you to stop and take time to reflect on the journey.

Each day's entry is inspired by a chapter of the Gospel of Luke, and includes additional related quotes and Scripture verses. At the end of each reading, we're offered a prayer and an action item to put the message into practice.

This is a book about letting go. In a season where we're told to do more, buy more, and get more, Susie is encouraging us into a season of less. Less stress, less pressure, less ego, less complaining, less overload. And in discovering less, we actually create more space in our hearts and minds for the things, and the One, who matters most. 

Prepare Him Room is a book you should buy twice - 
once for yourself, and once as a gift for someone else who could use a little "less" this season. 

Susie has lots of great resources on her site, including free email devotionals and blessings, 
as well as the cute tree ornaments shown in the photo above!

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.