Monday, August 27, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 24

Today was our last performance in Newfoundland for this tour.

We visited the Agnes Pratt Nursing Home and performed an hour of hymns and popular inspirational songs for the residents. It was a great way to finish this leg of our trip.

This concluded our 6 Concerts in 6 Days. We're a little tired today, but our voices are still in great shape. Last year, we started doing a daily vocal warm-up we found online, and I think it's been instrumental in keeping us vocally healthy on this tour.

We returned the Bose system we had rented, but we won't be without one for long. Gerald is completely hooked, and I'm pretty much sold too. It just has everything we need, and it's so easy to sing with.

The rest of the day was just spent enjoying the city. We had an early supper of fish cakes and cod tongues - we're trying to eat as much Newfoundland food as we can! We stocked up on locally made Purity crackers and cookies. And we enjoyed an evening of listening to locally recorded music with our friends.

I can't believe we leave the island tomorrow! 
It's all gone by far too quickly. 
One more concert left!

I've also posted some photos from the past week. 
You can find them on our SITE or FACEBOOK page.

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