Wednesday, August 22, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 19

And so it begins: 6 concerts in 6 days.

Tonight we returned to the Salvation Army Church in Peterview. When we lost Indian Bay on Sunday, we feared tonight would be (to use the theatre term) a 'dark' night. We were so happy when the people at the Salvation Army said "yes" to the idea of a concert tonight!

We arrived at the church mid-afternoon to set up and have a rehearsal. The first people started to arrive over an hour before showtime! We've never had people come that early! By 7:00 pm, the sanctuary had filled up, and the crowd was ready for a good time.

We switched things up a little tonight and added 2 new songs to the program: "My Heart is the Manger" from Every Church is a Small Town, and our funky new arrangement of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Love that new groove Gerald has created for this classic song!

Every show tends to be a little different, and tonight's was fun and relaxed. The audience was filled with joyful singers, and we truly felt welcomed and loved.

Tomorrow, we head a little further east to Eastport, and my Dad's hometown of Salvage!

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