Sunday, November 04, 2012

GMA Canada Week - Day #1

In Nashville, we had lots of chances to get involved with the Christian music industry. They practically meet you when you get off the plane.

But in Canada, everything is much more spread out, less obvious. So this week, we're attending our first ever GMA (Gospel Music Association) Canada Week!

It's 4 days of competitions, showcases, workshops, and concerts, ending with the Covenant Awards on Wednesday night. We're looking forward to meeting other artists and learning the ins-and-outs of the Canadian Christian music industry.

Today, we participated in the talent and songwriting competitions. Each performer had the chance to present a song in each category, and let me tell you, there is some crazy, undiscovered talent floating around in Canadian churches. Family bands to teenage songwriters, flautists to horn players - all using their unique musical creativity to praise God. I was completely amazed that for the performance competition, almost everyone sang their own originals!

After each person or group presented their song, the industry panel would provide some feedback. We sang "A Divine Heart Imagined You" for performance, and shared "Living Manna" and "You Take Me Higher" for songwriting. In both cases, we received great feedback and helpful suggestions.

The whole day was inspiring and challenging. When you see the talent out there, you can't help but get excited, but that little push comes too: what more can we do with our music to make the most of our talents, and share the Gospel message?

Tomorrow, the workshops begin!

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