Wednesday, November 07, 2012

GMA Canada Week - Day #4 & the Covenant Awards!

GMA Week ended tonight with a closing banquet and the Covenant Awards ceremonies. 50 different awards were given out, for albums and songs in every Christian music genre imaginable. The majority of awards were given out during the dinner, with lots of chatting and visiting filling in the gaps.

This is the first year the Covenants have been televised, so at 8:00 we all moved into the CTS studio for the taping. The show was tight, funny, and full of fantastic performances.

The range of music was impressive. Downhere, Greg Sczebel, and Starfield provided the super cool rock element, while singer-songwriters like Ali Matthew gave moments of ethereal beauty. The show ended on a high note with a killer duet between the Toronto Mass Choir (recipients of the lifetime achievement award) and Newworldson. The whole night was incredibly entertaining, and a masterclass on great performing.

The Toronto Mass Choir and Newworldson.

Our GMA Week experience has really been fantastic, but like all great conferences, we'll need a few days to go through everything, and probably a few months to execute all the things we've learned in these busy days. We've been exposed to so much great music, so many great lessons - our job now will be the always essential follow-up. Contact the people we met. Go through the notes we took. Look at what we've been doing so far. Figure out where we want to go next and how we might apply this week's lessons on that journey.

Of course, first, we'll probably just need a good long day of recovery! Good night!

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