Sunday, August 12, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 8

We left Halifax late this morning to head to our next concert. I sometimes wish we had a camera in the car to capture our on-the-road vocalizing and rehearsing. We've been using a warm-up designed by Jamie Wigginton in Nashville, and we play it every day as we lip trill, ooh, and mum-mum-mum our way down the TransCanada.

Tonight we're writing from Kentville, about 90 minutes outside Halifax.

There's a group at St. James' Church in Kentville that's planning a mission trip to the Dominican next spring. Sixteen people will spend a week building a house, and sharing skills and resources with the local people. A few church members saw our Bedford house concert last year, so when they heard we were coming down this summer, they thought - Fundraiser!

So tonight, we performed our concert in support of the mission trip. We had a great turnout, and got to hear about the plans for the mission. Gerald and I have never done a mission trip, but the idea of it continues to keep a slow simmer in our brains. There was a great energy in the air tonight, and it was just a wonderful time of music and community.

After the concert, we returned to our hosts' gorgeous house on the lake. A night of homemade bread and stories ensued....

It's late, but we must be up early. We've been asked to sing at the worship service in the morning.

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