Monday, August 06, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 2

What a full day here at Elim Lodge!

This morning, we sang for the camp's main worship service. The large sanctuary was packed with campers and folks from neighbouring towns. We sang You Take Me Higher, A Divine Heart Imagined You, and Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone.) 

Before the service, I went out in the field next to the church to do some vocal warm ups. On the other side of the field, a man was doing his own warm up - stretching, push ups, and jumping jacks. I couldn't help but smile at the dichotomy of the images - me in my Sunday best, him in his work out clothes, and both of us stretching our muscles for the big game.

You'll never go hungry at Elim Lodge, and lunch was a feast of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and all the fixings. I think it's a safe bet that most people took a nap this afternoon.

I actually spent the better part of the afternoon sitting by the water and painting. Pure bliss...

This evening, we sang a few songs for the evening service. The preacher wanted to speak on 'healing' so for the song before the message, we gave our testimony about our car accident and sang Healing is in Your Hands. It's been a while since we've shared that story, and it felt good to minister in that way.

It's really been a fantastic kick off to the tour. Tonight, we spent time chatting with new friends at the Snackery and packing up. Tomorrow, we head to Montreal for a much needed mini-vacation before heading to Nova Scotia for our next concert! 

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