Saturday, August 04, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 1

It has begun!

After months of planning, we are officially on our East Coast Tour!

Today we pulled out of our driveway with a car full of guitars, gear, CDs, maps, clothes, and of course, our espresso maker. Over the next month, we’ll drive 6000 kilometers, sing in 4 provinces, and do our best to eat a lobster or two.

Our first stop is Elim Lodge campground, just north of Peterborough, ON. We came here last year and loved it. They’ve put us up in a little cottage right by the water. Tomorrow, I have grand plans to sit outside and paint a bit …

Tonight was our opening concert. It feels so great to sing our songs, and actually give people the opportunity to take the music home with them!

After the show, we visited the Snackery for late night hotdogs and ice cream.

Tomorrow we’ll be singing at both the morning and evening worship services, so tonight we’re planning songs and getting some much needed rest.

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