Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stamps-Baxter - Day 7

I'm sure I'm saying this every night, but today was a long, long day. I had several errands and one appointment this morning, long before I ever made it on campus. Gerald is working with Sue Smith this week, so he came out with me as well.

Tonight was the first ever Stamps-Baxter Comedy Night. Students were invited to tell a joke or impersonate a Gospel music legend. We were worried that the students might not want to get involved, so this afternoon, I did a promo bit to tell people about the show. I took a blond wig and sprayed it black. I wore black pants and a flashy shirt. And while Allison Durham Speer was teaching vocal technique, I walked out on stage singing her signature vocal exercise into the mic.

Yes, I was Allison Durham Speer.

The crowd went nuts, and Allison just laughed and laughed. I did a few "Allison" moves, and then did a little chat up about the show. It was all very fun, and I'm pretty sure it's going to end up on YouTube soon.

The rest of the day was spent planning Comedy Night. Brandon Andrews was my co-host, and truly, he did most of the organizing (bless his heart!) We had a good number of students sign up, and when the show started, the hall was packed. To open, Brandon and I each did a song. I sang "Neighbor" and I think it went well. We then brought out the students who wanted to tell a joke. Well, partway through, Ben shows up backstage. I said, "Are you here to kick us off the stage?" and he said, "No, I'm here to tell a joke." Love it! So Ben joined in the fun, and his one line joke got one of the biggest laughs of the night.

After the musical impressions, Gerald and I did a few songs. We started with "Just a Closer Walk", and invited the crowd to sing along. Then we did "A Church Song Broke Me Down", which was great fun. Next came the big surprise of the evening. I held an envelope in my hand and said that it was time to announce the big Stamps-Baxter award, and this year's winner was ... (drumroll) ... Kay Honour! Kay is our amazing school administrator who volunteers year round for the school. Not only is she passionate about the school, and generous with her incredible business skills, she does all this work from Quesnel, BC! We crowned her with a tiara, pink feather boa, a bouquet of flowers, and a 'gold and ruby' scepter made by Allison Durham Speer. Kay is not a spotlight type of person, but we really wanted to say thank you for all the work she does. Very satisfying moment indeed.

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