Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More hymn vocals!

Much, much better day in the studio! When I woke up this morning, I only had the normal amount of stiffness in my neck. After a little stretching, I felt pretty good, so I was able to do a great vocal warm-up, and then off to the studio.

As I wrote yesterday, I was very concerned about getting everything done today, but professionals that we are, everything went very smoothly!

First, Allison recorded her part for our duet on "In the Garden." She's doing the second verse, and some beautiful harmonies on the choruses. I'm so excited about how this one is shaping up. Again, everything is very simple in the instrumentation, but that's actually allowing us to be detailed with the vocal parts. Everything is going to be very beautiful and musical.

Next, I did my vocals for "Just as I am." Yesterday, this song shut me down, but not today. I had the vocal pretty much done in half an hour. Everything felt emotionally connected, and with a pain-free neck, my tone and breath support all fell into place. Yay!

Tara showed up just after one, and she did background vocals on three songs: "I Surrender All," "Sweet Hour of Prayer," and "Take My Life." So pretty! Her voice blended beautifully with mine, and her harmonies will allow those choruses to really lift.

All in all, a great day in the studio! Just one more BGV to record tomorrow, and then all the vocals are done!

Tonight, I got into full-fledged moving mode. Between the school and the CD, I really haven't had the chance to focus on the actually packing. I now have 22 boxes filled and one bag of useless stuff thrown out. I've arranged for our furniture to be donated to FAM (our sister church in East Nashville), and our friends are taking our bookshelves. A week and a half to go - the countdown begins!!!

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