Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stamps-Baxter - Day 4

Another great day on campus. The only real complaint I'm getting from staff and volunteers is "everything's done - we're bored" - *bliss*

Allison will be out of town tomorrow for a gig, so I've been asked to teach her class! Very excited! I sat in on her class with Mike today, which was great. I'm a little nervous, because Allison sets a very high standard, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Tonight was the faculty concert. No, I didn't sing. I had been told the concert was next week, so I had arranged for Gerald to come out then to accompany me. MTSU is almost an hour from our house, so I couldn't just go and pick him up. So, I'm going to try and find a time to sing next week.

The concert was good, but the highlight was the finale: Ben, Rosa Nell, and Mary Tom singing classic Speer songs with Jack Clark on piano, Rebekah Long on double bass, and Rock Slaughter on sax. Awesome!

Must sleep - I want to be well prepared for tomorrow!

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