Friday, March 11, 2011

World Day of Prayer

Today I participated in the World Day of Prayer service at St. John's. Each year, women from a particular country write a new prayer liturgy for the service. On the same day, women from over 2000 communities in Canada and 170 countries around the world lead the liturgy in their home churches.

This year, the service was written by the women of Chile, and it reflected their particular culture and language. The theme "How Many Loaves Have You?" was woven into the prayers and the music. My involvement was as a dramatic reader for the story of Elijah and the Widow. (1 Kings) I played Elijah, and it was fun to stretch my dramatic muscles a bit.

The whole service was so lovely, with references to Chilean culture and history. We had women from seven different churches participate in the service, with a reflection offered by our rector. I wasn't able to stay for the reception, but rumour has it there were empanadas and homemade bread!

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