Friday, March 18, 2011

Nashville - Good Friends, Good Songs, Good Food

We spent the early part of the day with Tara, having a long lunch at the amazing Monell's. We lingered in the garden for while, drinking in the sunshine, and sharing favourite praise songs with each other. I took notes and I'm planning a "song shopping" session on CCLI when I get home.

The Cupcake Collection, while waiting in line!

In anticipation of tonight's dinner (not that we should have been thinking about more food at this point!), we walked over to The Cupcake Collection, where the line-up meandered out the door and down to the sidewalk. As we approached, people were cheering and dancing on the front porch. These are people who love their cupcakes! And trust me, their red velvet is dance worthy!

Jenna and I sat by this glorious saucer magnolia tree!

I spent the afternoon sharing caffeine and stories with my good friend, and Church of the Redeemer music director, Jenna. I talked about Infinitely More and the new songs we're writing and plans for our East Coast tour. She talked about the Redeemer team and her journey and where she feels God is directing her path. It was an inspiring visit.

As she told her story, I heard the start of a song. As I drove back to Tara's, it started to grow. I rushed into the apartment, shunning everyone til I could write down the things that were brewing. It's still very rough, but it's a start.

Gerald always says the air is full of songs here in Nashville... you just have to listen and pull them out...

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