Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nashville - Studio Day

Last summer, we recorded 9 demos of Gerald's country songs. We were really happy with the results, but as we listened to the demos, we realized one of the vocal performances wasn't quite what we needed it to be. It's nothing against the singer, but sometimes, you just need a different feel for the song.

Denny Martin & demo singer, Paul Pace

Today, we returned to the studio of Denny Martin to re-record the vocal. We were joined by powerhouse vocalist Paul Pace. He sang 4 hours of demo singing this afternoon, was heading to a showcase at 6:00pm, and then had another full performance gig from 8 til midnight. That stamina is a great mix of natural talent and healthy technique.

And what a voice! He nailed the song - lead vocal and harmonies - both in notes and performance. He gave it just the right kind of energy. After Paul left, we stayed with Denny as he did the mixing. So interesting to watch how it all comes together, and to hear Denny's stories about his experiences in producing and songwriting.

We now have 9 awesome demos! Tomorrow, we start getting them out to the people who can do something great with them.


Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!!!

Allison Lynn said...

Thanks, Wendy!