Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. John's York Mills - Part 2

Gerald and I were back as team leaders tonight, and what a great band we had! Gerald on guitar/vocals, Brian on percussion, Carol on guitar, Steve on bass, Susan on piano/vocals, and me on vocals/worship leader.

We chose a mix of praise songs ("Indescribable") and songs that reminded us of the Lenten message ("Refiners Fire"). Like this morning, we offered Gerald's song "All The Things I've Broken" as a song of reflection. We tied it together with lots of prayer, led by Drew, Brian, and myself.

Playing on the team is always good, but sometimes, the music flies off the page, and the worship transcends the everyday. That's what it felt like tonight. Effortless, beautiful, and open.

Nights like tonight, I'm so glad I said "yes" when God came calling...

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