Sunday, March 27, 2011

Living Manna, Living Bread

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday!

This morning, we visited St. John's Weston for another dose of Cafe Church. People gathered around tables as we played gentle welcoming music. Instead of a traditional sermon, the priest, Michelle, divided people into small groups. Each group was asked to discuss a Bible verse on the theme of "sacrificial giving," and then write and read a prayer based on their discussion. We then moved into Communion, transitioning from a meal of coffee and sweets to one of bread and wine. We sang our own songs for reflection, and to emphasize the theme, finished with the congregational song, "Sister Let Me Be Your Servant." Powerful worship in a casual setting!

This evening, we joined an awesome team at St. John's York Mills for the Gathering service. In addition to our standard band tonight, we also welcomed a keyboardist and a violin player!

As the final song of the opening set, Monique had chosen my song "Living Manna, Living Bread." It was the first time we'd done it for the Gathering, so I knew people would just be learning it on the first verse. As we got to the second verse, I could see mouths moving as people started to recognize the melody. But by the third verse, people had started to worship - hands raised, eyes closed, voices singing.

It's hard to describe the feeling of watching all this unfold. We know the songs come from a source greater than ourselves, but to see the songs connecting people back to that source, well, it's pretty awesome.

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