Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Goodness...

We started our day at Church of Our Saviour in North York. This church has great musical leadership, with a songwriting minister, Dennis Dolloff, and his wife, Lori, as organist and choir director. We met early to rehearse with the band for the congregational songs, which was great.

The Church of Our Saviour band!

In the service, Dennis generously shared his pulpit and gave us the full sermon time to present a musical message. We focused on the theme of relationship with God, singing songs about calling out to God, and answering God's call to us.

Our time at this evening's Gathering was wonderful! We were competing with the football game, but we still had a great group who sang and worshiped. We were able to find some beautiful musical moments, and the message was excellent.

After the service, we made sure all the details were in place for next week. Tomorrow, we head to Edmonton for the Break Forth worship conference. Our friend, Susan, will lead the band next week, Anne will give the message, and Drew will lead the prayers - Gerald and I wish we could fly back just to sit in the congregation!

Now, we're packed, the house sitter is set up, and we're ready to go! Praying the weather doesn't get too cold...

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