Sunday, January 01, 2012

The 12 Angels of Christmas - Day 7

Happy New Year!

To start 2012 with a feeling of abundance, I decided to share 3 angels today!

The top angel is formed from wax and hand-painted. I bought her from the Germany pavilion at Epcot Center in Florida, and she's traveled many times since as I've moved around.

The bottom two I made myself. The middle angel I made as a young crafter, using acrylic paint to create a stained glass look. The bottom angel I created in cross-stitch with a lace trim.

I like this cluster of angels because they represent two thing I love most:

Creativity and Travel

I was blessed to have lots of creating and traveling time in 2011, and I'm planning on plenty more in 2012!

I pray 2012 brings you all the things you desire most in life!


To celebrate the twelve days of Christmas,
I'll be posting a new angel every day.
This series is inspired by my Dad's "The Twelve Creches of Christmas."

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