Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ready to Break Forth!

This morning, we finally hit the Edmonton Mall (after much prodding from all my Facebook friends). I think I expected it to be more architecturally imposing, like the Eaton Centre. Instead, it was just huge and sprawling, with ice rinks, a water park, a pirate ship, China Town, and sea lions. We didn't buy a lot, but we did have a red velvet cupcake (still can't find one as good as in the South) and butter chicken poutine (surprisingly good!).

This afternoon we checked into our hotel, which has the most amazing view! This photo doesn't even do it justice:

We spent the evening relaxing, trying to continue my vocal rest, and prepping for the next three days. This conference is going to be huge, so I'm hoping a little planning today will help us make the most of the next few days. Can't wait for the morning!

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