Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy New Year!

I realize we're a week into the New Year, but since Boxing Day, I've been in a self-imposed cocoon of family, food, films, and firesides ... and very limited internet. It's been lovely!

Our December was wonderful. Gerald and I sang for over 26 performances, in a whole range of churches and venues. On Christmas Day, we sang at two senior's homes before joining our families for Christmas dinner.

As we arrived at our first performance of the day, the administrator asked us to walk from floor to floor, singing for the residents in their rooms. Many of the people in this long term care facility were bedridden, and few had visitors that morning. In one room, we found two women who were clearly good friends. As we sang, they propped themselves up on their walkers and smiled. Partway through the song, one of them said, "Come on, let's dance!" and, like a scene out of a movie, they threw aside their walkers, leaned on each other, and danced! It was awesome!

I've been spending some time this week thinking about last year, and dreaming about 2011. I had a bit of a kick in the gut last week when I looked at my resolutions for 2010. It looked more like a five year plan! It was so unreasonable, and even though 2010 was an amazing year, in the light of my ridiculous list, it was hard not to be disappointed.

As we head into 2011, I'm making some great plans, but also being reasonable about what we can accomplish. I'm spending time in prayer, reflection, and discovery, confident in our calling, and seeking the next steps on our adventure!

Happy 2011, everyone!

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