Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Arrival in Edmonton!

All weekend long, we've been making jokes about heading to Edmonton to warm up this week. Well, after a near perfect flight, we touched down in Edmonton to +6 Celsius and glorious sunshine!

We spent the day reuniting with Gerald's longtime friend and our best man, Tim, and his family. It's been comfortable and relaxing. The day, however, has not been without my own conflicts.

I've been so excited to come on this trip, in large part because of our two concerts tomorrow. Last week, I struggled with a cold. I've been tired, but I still sang on the weekend and it was fine.

Yesterday, however, it was not fine. I woke up with no voice. I mean, no voice! Gerald and I were scheduled to play for a senior's home in the afternoon, so he rushed and rehearsed and, bless his heart, he performed a full solo version of our show with almost no notice.

I headed straight to my doctor, who was on vacation, so I saw a nurse practitioner. Even though I explained that I was a professional singer about to fly halfway across the country to sing 2 concerts, I knew she wasn't taking me seriously when she suggested I might want to try tea with honey. Really???

My real doctor (who is awesome) arrived home early, saw that I had visited, read the report and called me right away. She took me very seriously (which is why she's awesome), and prescribed a heavy dose of steroids. It's not something she's ever given me, but given the circumstances, she thought it was our best chance.

I'm feeling a bit stronger today, and my throat isn't sore, but I have no voice, and I still mean no voice! It's just killing me! I didn't want to mention it in yesterday's blog because I was hoping the steroids would start to change things today. I've already had to cancel tomorrow's afternoon concert, and the evening event hangs precariously in the balance.

I'm just heartsick about all of this! To come so far, to do all the planning - both by me and by the people of Barrhead - and then to be voiceless, it's all just so upsetting.

As I write this, I still have no speaking voice, much less any kind of singing voice. If I wake up in the morning and I think I can even do a few songs, we're going to go ahead with it, but if I am still voiceless, then I think our options are few.

Please keep me in prayer tonight - for healing, wisdom, and grace. Thanks.

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