Thursday, July 22, 2010

Que & Pew & the Studio Too...

This is very much a day-after post...

Yesterday and last night were amazing and exhausting, and just the kind of day musicians like to have.

There was the planning and organizing and pulling of charts and trying to find my tambourine and all the while humming and trilling and otherwise vocalizing...

Then in the afternoon, I brought Gerald to a studio in the Beaches where he was booked in to record some worktapes for next week's meeting in New York. We want to leave behind a CD that's simple but great. A generous friend lent us his studio, rounded up his bass player and engineer, and Gerald was set to record 4 songs.

Meanwhile, I rushed home to meet with Deanna (my AWARE buddy) to rehearse for tonight's Que & Pew. Because Deanna was a last minute sub for Gerald, I had to choose songs that we had done together, and that our mixed evening congregation would know.

We did a quick run of songs like "Shine, Jesus, Shine" and an uptempo version of "Fairest Lord Jesus." After enjoying the BBQ and fellowship, Deanna and I lead music for an awesome and summery service. Our youth leader and deacon-in-training (DIT?), Stephen Monk, has been leading the services, and they are the perfect cap for the end of the day.

But it wasn't the end of the day!

After a quick check on the puppies ("Yay! You're home... Don't leave again!!!! Arg!!), I headed downtown again to join Gerald. By the time I got there, the guitar tracks were done and the bass player was adding his part. Monika came, and we sat in her car as we worked out 3-part harmonies on "Me and Patsy Cline."

As the clock hit midnight, the guitar, bass, and lead vocals were finished. The bass player left, and Moni and I moved into the tiny studio to record our parts. There was no booth, so Gerald, Moni, the engineer, and I were all in one tiny hot room. Being in one cozy space, with no partitions between us, gave it a communal, we're-here-to-do-something-good-together feeling.

Moni and faced each other, sang what we'd practiced, and changed a few notes to adjust to what Gerald had just recorded. Because we've been singing together so long, our blend and phrasing felt natural and easy.

By 1:00, we were finished. Everyone felt that wonderfully satisfied kind of tired. We were grateful for the 24-hour drive-through and comfortable pajamas.

Today, we took the morning off. We have another crazy afternoon and evening ahead of us, but you know, I wouldn't have it any other way...

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