Saturday, July 31, 2010

NYC - The Day After

Friday was a whirlwind.

We packed, checked out, left our luggage at the hotel, and grabbed the subway to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's hard to describe the size and scope of this place in just a few words. "Mammoth" and "ginormous" (which is probably not an actual word) come to mind, but they pass over the intricate details of the place.

We spent hours and hours roaming through ancient Egyptian temples, Medieval sacred art, and Impressionist masterpieces. The Roof Garden was swamped by an ever-evolving network of bamboo that you could walk through and climb over. The special Picasso exhibit showcased room after room of sketches and paintings. Our favourite atrium was filled with gorgeous, glowing Tiffany windows and mosaics.

(this photo doesn't even do this window justice!)

After soaking ourselves in art, we wandered outside to explore Central Park. I fell in love with the ancient trees, the gorgeous stone carvings, and the absolutely charming Alice in Wonderland statue.

Our final few hours were spent visiting yet another Mac store, snapping photos of the Plaza Hotel, and grabbing souvenirs. After taking a speed demon cab out to JFK, we discovered our flight was delayed. Some time around 4:00 am, we arrived home.

There's lots to do over the next week, but today, we're just telling stories and looking at photos and nibbling treasures from the Time Square Hershey store... lovely...

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