Thursday, July 29, 2010

NYC - Day 3

Between the heat and the walking, I'm pretty sure my feet are swollen to twice their normal size.

Highlights of the day:

We had a chess-filled morning. Gerald played speed chess with a guy named Bear in Washington Square, we looked at elaborate and expensive chess sets, and Gerald played a 20-year-old International Master in a chess store that's open 24-7. You can play, learn, or shop chess any time, day or night.

I have fallen in love with Cafe Reggio - possibly the world's best cappuccino.

Tonight, we went to the Barrymore Theatre to see David Mamet's new play, Race. The play itself isn't perfect, but provocative and well acted. Eddie Izzard is just excellent, and the play keeps you talking.

Can't believe we're heading back home tomorrow. The week has flown by, but we'll be back soon...


Monique said...

Sounds like you guys have been having an awesome time! I look forward to hearing more about it on Sunday.

Allison Lynn said...

We're definitely coming home with lots of stories :)