Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Farewell to the Choirgirlz

When I was Artistic Director for the Music on the Hill concert series, I always loved finding new musical groups. If they could combine great music with great personalities, even better!

One such find was The Choirgirlz - a trio of singers who met in the Mendelssohn Choir, were inspired to sing a few bluegrass tunes, and went to on record 3 CDs and sing in numerous festivals and concert series. The 'girlz' made a name for themselves with amazing harmonies, great arrangements, and original songs with a quirky sense of humour.

Tonight, The Choirgirlz ended their musical journey in the gorgeous Plein Air Salon - a backyard venue complete with waterfall, wooden pavilion, and an outdoor art gallery. The ladies charmed the supportive audience with their most requested songs and the stories behind them.

Tonight was a reminder of how precious it is to sing with your friends - the harmonies are tighter, the smiles are broader, the creativity is brighter.

Thanks for the music, girlz! You will be missed...

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