Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moving tomorrow!

The contract has been approved, the boxes packed, and we've picked up the keys.

We're moving to Toronto tomorrow!

Okay, we didn't need to pack a lot of boxes. Most of them are still packed and in storage from our last move, a mere 3 months ago. A few weeks ago, we thought we'd be here in Burlington til some time in the New Year. This time tomorrow night, we'll be in our new home in Toronto. And we can't wait!

Sunday evening, 7:00pm, will be our first Sunday in our new position at St. John's York Mills. (We won't be doing evening services on a regular basis, but we were already booked for All Saints in the morning.) If you're around Yonge and York Mills Sunday night, drop by the service and say Hi!

I'll be away from internet all day Wednesday, and we won't have internet at home til Monday (ugh!), but I'll try and blog soon to give a update!

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