Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Nashville - Day 9

Happy Canada Day!!!

When we realized we'd be in the studio on July 1, we decided to bring a few special treats for the band. We chose Canadian classics: Tim Horton's coffee, Laura Secord Miniatures, maple sugar candies, maple cookies, and flag pens for everyone! And, we spent the day creating lots of brand new Canadian Content!

Today was dedicated primarily to the more intimate songs on the album - A Divine Heart Imagined You, All I'm Called to Be, and Time To Leave This Place, to name a few. Yesterday, we heard the musicians rock out on our more uptempo songs. It was beautiful to hear them switch into playing sensitive, ethereal parts today.

Originally, we had a cello/violin player booked for the whole day, but then he got a "bus call." Yes, that was a new term for us too. A "bus call" is when you're on salary for a major artist, who then books a gig, and you get the call to drop everything and get on the bus.

But it was a blessing in disguise. In making a Plan B, we were able to get the talented Jason Roller to join us on electric guitar and violin this afternoon. He made the tracks sound amazing! We've rescheduled cello/violin for Thursday, so nothing is lost - we've only gained from the situation.

After a full day in the studio, we spent the evening at a songwriter workshop hosted by our friend, Tom Manning. Nine of us gathered to share our latest song, and give and receive feedback. It's been ages since we've attended this kind of night, and it was so inspiring and encouraging. The songs and critiques were all really strong and well thought out. Tom even gave us a chance to sing our latest Christmas song, and it felt great to share it in that intimate setting.

Our time in Nashville is flying by. Only five days left. Still so many friends to see, songs to hear, and BBQ to eat...

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