Saturday, July 05, 2014

Nashville - Day 13

This is what 5 days in the studio will get you:

We started the day by picking up the rough mixes of our tracks! What an amazing feeling to hold them in our hand. One step closer to feeling that completed CD in our hands. Next, we'll return to Ontario and start recording vocals. Before we left the studio, we prayed with Denny, giving thanks for the beauty of the project thus far, and asking for God to be with us during the rest of the process.

After picking up the tracks, we headed downtown for a visit to some of our favourite spots: Lifeway Christian Bookstore and Gruhn Guitars. Our credit cards were trembling with excitement as we entered the stores! Luckily, they left only slightly bruised.

Tonight, we enjoyed another night of stories, bbq, and time with friends. Our last few trips to Nashville have been so rushed. To spend time with so many friends has been a tremendous blessing! Can't wait to attend our Nashville church again tomorrow...

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