Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Nashville - Day 17

Little Rock continues to treat us well, with great meals, beautiful shopping, and lovely cafe visits. 
But the best part has been the music and the company.

Tonight, Tara was leading worship for a youth service, so we visited to attend rehearsal and hear her lead worship. It was awesome to see such a vibrant youth program, with teens involved in missions, outreach, and worship. There's also something powerful about having your friends lead you in worship. I always imagine a trust between worship leader and congregation, and when you know that leader well, it makes the process even more powerful and intimate.

Our spontaneous performances continued tonight as we spent the evening playing our new CD tracks for Tara and Kyle. In the past week, we've sung our songs in a car, a music store, a hotel room, and now a living room. It's been a whole new feeling to sing them along with the tracks. Tara and Kyle haven't heard us sing live for a long time, and even though this wasn't a 'concert setting,' it was still awesome to get their reaction to the songs, and to our performances. Like seeing Tara sing earlier in the evening, we can all see growth in each other's musical abilities, and there's so much encouragement in that.

Tomorrow, we start the long drive home but for tonight, 
we are so thankful we made this side trip! 

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