Friday, June 27, 2014

Nashville - Day 5

As live musicians, we can perform a concert every night of the week and feel completely energized. Doing studio work is a whole different energy. Tonight, we're happy, and thoroughly exhausted.

Gerald continued to record his guitar tracks today, and he sounded amazing. He did a lot of practicing with the click track before we arrived in Nashville, and you could tell the results. My favourite is A Divine Heart Imagined You. When you hear the final song, Gerald's guitar track is one, beautiful take.

I always love Gerald's arrangements, but I, of course, hear them in relation to our vocals. To hear only the guitar track, almost as an instrumental piece, was a unique experience. I heard things I hadn't really noticed before, and I gained a new appreciation for the detail of his compositions.

We finished earlier than expected and had lots of energy left, so we decided to record the scratch vocals. This is basically a guide vocal to help the band know the melody of the song. For us, we also wanted to give a sense of the harmonies and the emotional tone of the song. Singing through each of our songs, I was reminded of how blessed we are to have written these songs, and to have the opportunity to share them with others.

A busy day needed a relaxing evening, so tonight we feasted on Southern BBQ - pulled pork, skillet fried cornbread, mac and cheese, fried apples, and sweet tea. We, of course, had our choice of five different BBQ sauces, 'cause one is never enough.

On the drive home,  I saw something blinking on the side of the road. It was fireflies. They were twinkling all along the drive, and even in the garden of our rental. We stood in the yard and watched their fascinating beauty, giving us a perfect moment of calm as we reflected on a creative and productive day.

We've made some additions to our recording schedule, so next week we'll actually have 4 full studio days. Which means, the weekend is pure socializing and relaxation!

I've started posting photos HERE.
I'll be adding more each day, and I'm hoping to post some video this weekend!

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