Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nashville - Day 2

We're here! We're here! We're here!!!!

We stayed in the hotel a while this morning, doing more song prep. On Thursday, Gerald will play the guitar tracks using a click track, so we sang through them today, making sure we have the best tempo for each song.

Then, back in the car for another day of driving. A few observations: 

- Even thought it's been 2 years since we've made the trek to Nashville, I knew the almost 1200km route like the back of my hand. Landmarks like the Corvette Museum, the Florence Y'all waterpower, and the infamous Jesus-in-the-Pool (the new version) came out to greet us like long lost friends.

- We lost count of the number of thunderstorms we hit. 
Thankful for good wipers and cautious fellow drivers.

- Kentucky and Tennessee are by far my favourite parts of the drive! After the crowded racetrack roads of Detroit and Cincinnati, the rolling hills and lush greenery were balm to my driving soul.

We've found a wonderful place to stay on our visit here - a condo that rents exclusively to songwriters. It's cozy and spacious, the perfect place to be creative, and get lots of rest after long days in the studio. 

Tonight, we rest. 
Tomorrow, the singing/playing/writing/recording begins!!! 

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