Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nashville - Day 4

Before I start into today, I forgot something excellent from last night - our round was on the radio! We didn't know this until we actually got on stage, but it was broadcasting live on 107.1 Nashville Free Radio. Pretty cool, huh? I think they're going to post the show on their site later this week, so I'll post a link if I can.

So what's the one thing you should do in the morning before you head in the studio to record 13 songs? 
Write the songs!

Well, not all the songs... There's one song on the project that's never quite felt complete. We love it as it is, but every time we sing it, I think "We need an opening section." Well, this morning, we wrote it. Gerald had one idea, and I had another, but when they came together, we had the perfect piece.

Denny Martin's warm and cozy studio has birthed two of our CDs, so returning today felt both comforting and exciting. We started the morning as we always want to start anything important - in prayer. We offered thanksgiving for the talents of everyone who will be involved, for the songs, and for the opportunity to make this project.

Our goal today and tomorrow is to record all Gerald's guitar tracks. He has so many signature riffs and grooves. We want to capture them all, and then let the band play around his guitar and our voices. When I sell our CDs, I describe them as "us with the world's best band," so that's the balance we want to attain.

Gerald's work was so beautiful today! The pace was relaxed yet productive, and we managed to get 4 tracks completed.

This week, we've heard the best words we could hear in Nashville - 
"Welcome home."

We heard it yesterday as we met each of our friends, and as we met our friend, Tom, for dinner tonight, he gave us the same greeting. We were only here 3 years, but it was most definitely our home, and it's nice to be welcomed back so warmly. Tom is a songwriter, and an incredible encourager. When we lived here, he gave Gerald the opportunity to sit in on his late Saturday round at the Bluebird Cafe, a real privilege for an unknown writer.

Tonight, we're resting and refocusing for tomorrow. 
Five songs and two short solos are on the docket. 

Photos coming soon...

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