Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday goodness

As I write this, I'm amazed at the numbers of the past week:
  • 2 Sunday services at 2 churches
  • 2 Valentine concerts
  • 1 new song
  • 1 Fireside Concert
  • 10 baby music classes
  • 2 new bookings
  • countless hours of rehearsal!

Is it any surprise we order Chinese food on Sunday nights?

But before I shut down completely, let me share 2 cool things from today:

#1. This morning at Church of the Messiah, we visited the children in church school and taught them "Angels Watching Over Me." We learned the chorus, some call & response verses, and played rhythm instruments so we could be a 'band.' It all clicked in place beautifully, and we're going to try it again in a few weeks and even have them sing with us on the postlude.

So many of us have powerful memories of music and Sunday school, and I'm really glad we could use our gifts in this way.

#2. Tonight's Gathering band was awesome!! We had a 9-piece group, which always feels full and lush. But tonight, we did a hymn set to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun," featuring sax and pipe organ! It sounded amazing! I'm so thankful for this group of awesome volunteers.

Great musicians + great people = pure joy!

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