Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fireside Concert!

By 2:05, our house was filled with chatty, cider-sipping friends, all settled in around the fire in the living room. Through our picture window, the snow fell in big, lush flakes.

At the start of the concert, Gerald set the tone by sharing his favourite part of doing a house concert - performing in his slippers!

Over the next two hours, we sang some of our favourite songs and told the story behind their creation. We took a generous break so people could refill their glasses, grab homemade cookies, and make new friends. We even debuted a new song Gerald had written just this week - "You Take Me Higher."

All in all, a fantastic afternoon! As I sit here tonight, looking at the folding chairs stacked in the corner and all our furniture back in its place, the whole concert feels a little surreal, like a wonderful memory...

Thank goodness Dad took all those photos. I'll let you know when I get them online.

For tonight, we're resting. After all, Sunday's coming...

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