Saturday, February 25, 2012

Growing Through Lent

(This Lent, my Dad, Rev. Hollis Hiscock, and I are co-blogging! You can find our posts every Monday at my Blog and Dad’s Blog. Visit, comment, share, and most importantly, feel free to join us in the journey.)

We find ourselves in the Christian season of Lent – 40 days of preparation and anticipation, beginning on Ash Wednesday and culminating with Easter Sunday.

This week, Lent began on February 22, exactly one month before the beginning of spring. If spring heralds thoughts of growth and new horizons, then so too does Lent.

Lent is an opportunity to do some “spring cleaning” of our souls, minds, emotions and bodies.

Listed below are suggestions of “what the Church asks” of us and “what we can do” to respond to these five recommendations.

On each Monday in Lent, we will post a more detailed exploration of the five suggestions on Hollis’ blog and Allison’s blog.

Meanwhile, you can begin by mapping your plan for each of the five areas listed below.

May God guide each of us as we journey through the wilderness of Lent to the mountain top of Easter.


What the Church asks - What you can do

FASTING - Give up a favourite food or change a behaviour.

EXAMINE YOUR LIFE & PRACTICE - Spend 3-5 minutes alone daily reflecting on your quality of life.

PRAY - Pray for people you see in the news, read about in print, network with online and encounter in daily living.

READ THE BIBLE - Let’s all read the Gospel of John. Share your thoughts.

HELP THOSE IN NEED - Support with your time, talent and finances an international or local church or charity.

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