Monday, August 08, 2011

Tour Day 8 - Cabot Trail

Everyone says the Cabot Trail is beautiful, but nothing really prepares you for it. Every turn was breathtaking! And despite the weather - rain all day and fog for the late afternoon - we still loved every minute of it.

Early in the day, we visited St. Pierre Church in Cheticamp. It's a fantastic and elaborate building, erected with local stone by local builders in the early 1800s. A few tourists drifted around, but when the sanctuary was empty, I sang a verse and chorus of "It is Well." What an acoustic!

As we drove through the hills, the stunning views and fascinating artisan shops ignited our own creativity as we thought of new ideas for our concert. I picked up a handmade songwriting journal and we started to play with a few new song ideas.

Tonight, we settled into Ingonish Beach for a cozy night in a fantastic, family run hotel.



Anonymous said...

Bet you can't wait!

Allison Lynn said...

Nota t'all :)