Friday, August 05, 2011

Tour Day 5 - Fredericton Fun Day

So the original plan was to play Halifax this weekend, but that concert moved to the end of the month, so we're having a few vacation days as we head east!

Today we hit beautiful downtown Fredericton. We strolled the streets poking our heads into cafes, bookstores, and patios. We spent a good chunk of the afternoon at Tony's Music Box Ltd - a great music store with good guitars and musical staff.

We wandered through the Garrison District soaking in the creative beauty of the city's artisans - pottery, glass, fabrics, jewelery, woodwork. I didn't buy anything, but seeing all that art and walking by the river just feeds my artistic soul.

We're staying on the dairy farm again tonight, so after dinner, we had a full tour of the barns. Over 100 cows and calves, learning the ins and outs of farm life. We were invited to wake at 5:00am to watch the milking, and even though my brain thinks that would be really interesting, the rest of my body refuses to comply.

We've really had a great time here - lots of chatting, laughing, and cups of tea...

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