Thursday, August 04, 2011

Tour Day 4 - St. Thomas, Stanley, NB

Tonight, we held our first concert of the tour in Stanley, New Brunswick.

Our hosts for the weekend own a dairy farm, so we're situated on acres and acres of rolling hills and farmland. Just gorgeous country!

St. Thomas's is a beautiful old wooden church with a long history in the community. We had a great audience that even included a few old friends.

Over the past month, we've been working on our live show, tweaking and changing songs, trying to make an evening that would be both fun and encouraging. Tonight, it felt like things were in really good stride. The audience sang along when invited, and several times, I noticed individuals quietly singing their favourite praise songs or hymns.

After the concert, we were treated to an awesome reception with tables full of homemade biscuits, sandwiches, squares, and fresh fruit.

I have limited internet access today, but later this weekend I'll post some photos.

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