Sunday, August 29, 2010

Calvary Church

We arrived home Friday night, thankful for a safe drive and a productive trip. I can't remember the last time we worked so hard, and we weren't ready to stop yet.

Earlier this year, my friend Deanna suggested we come to her church, and this morning, it came to fruition. Calvary Church is a great church at Pape and Danforth in Toronto. From the outside, it's an old, beautiful brick church, but inside, the sanctuary is fresh and contemporary.

The church uses a rotation system for its large roster of volunteer musicians and worship leaders. This morning, Deanna lead a team that included guitar, drums, piano, bass, flute, violin, and vocals.

Gerald and I did three feature songs - "Just a Closer Walk," "Give Me Jesus," and "A Church Song Broke Me Down" (Deanna's favourite!) We also joined the team for "Blessed Be Your Name," which was very cool!

The people at Calvary Church were awesome, and we spent lots of time after the service chatting and sharing stories. After packing up, we headed over to Deanna's for a relaxing barbecue, and the unofficial start of our week off!

What was supposed to be a fairly relaxing summer has been awesome, but busy, so we're taking the next week to relax, enjoy our backyard, and just do nothing!



Rotterdam said...

Very cool.
I heard it is a great church.

Allison Lynn said...

We really enjoyed our visit there!