Monday, August 23, 2010

Female Vocals - Day 1

With the car at the dealership, we were so grateful that our vocalist for the day is also a good friend of ours.

Lisa picked us up this morning and we all gathered at the studio to record the vocals for Gerald’s female songs. Lisa has a fantastic ability to sing all-out power vocals, and then pull it down to a beautiful, intimate sound.

Her voice was soulful on “Johnny Cash’s Eyes” and sweet and powerful on “Me and Patsy Cline.” When we got to the background vocals, Gerald asked me to recreate what Monika and I did on last month’s worktapes. I added the upper harmony and Lisa added the lower line.

I also stepped into the booth for “All Her Flowers are Wild.” I always sing harmonies on this one live, but when we moved it from Gerald’s key up to Lisa’s key, the parts didn’t work as well. With Denny’s expertise, we created a new harmony line, and I actually sang both the upper and lower parts. Recording harmonies feels very different than singing them live, but I’m really happy with what we were able to do.

At the end of a very long and productive day, Lisa drove us to the dealership to pick up our car. We’re hoping it’s fixed forever now. Can’t say I’m happy with the unexpected expense, but if it keeps us safe on the drive home, I’m happy for that.

The dealership is on Broadway, so we went down the street a little so I could have a quick shopping trip at the amazing Lifeway Christian Bookstore - my favourite! The store almost cheered when I walked through the doors...

As a treat to ourselves, we went to Maggiano’s for an awesome meal and some decompression time. In the morning, we’ll be packing up and heading to Tara’s for a few nights. We’re back at the studio again tomorrow, and then again on Wednesday. Non-stop...

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