Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redeemer and Rounds

The day started bright and early when I awoke at 6:15am. The last time I sang at Church of the Redeemer was a year ago this month, and I couldn't wait to join Jenna and team for rehearsal (though the new 7:45am rehearsal time was less than thrilling).

Our return to Nashville has been wonderful, but this morning, I really felt like I had come home. Singing with Jenna is so natural, and she had built a great team and chosen great songs for this morning. Throughout the morning, I was greeted and hugged and loved on. I got to see almost everyone I wanted to see, and it all felt so good.

After the service, everyone gathered downstairs for a presentation by the recent mission team. They had taken a trip to our sister parish in Rwanda to work with local children. The stories and videos were incredible. I've never taken a mission trip, but I can feel the desire brewing in me...

Jenna and I slipped out early so we could enjoy some lunch and catching up time. As we finished lunch, I realized that Mary Tom Speer was sitting at the table behind us! What an awesome blessing! I just love Miss Mary Tom!

Jenna and I spent the rest of the afternoon sipping cappuccinos and chatting about music, throwing ideas around, and encouraging each other. While we were out, Gerald sent me a text saying that Denny Martin had asked him to play a round at the Commodore tonight! Whoo-hoo!

I thought, "Perfect - I'll drive home, take a little nap, and be all refreshed for the round."

I pulled into a gas station to fill up, and when I was done, I turned the key...

the car wouldn't start.

The car wouldn't start!

The car wouldn't start!!

Two and a half hot and tiring hours later, the tow truck dropped our car off at the dealership. Everything was closed today, so we'll have to get on that tomorrow morning before we hit the studio.


Meanwhile, Gerald had come to meet me, so the tow truck driver also brought us to the Commodore. I was going to sing harmony, but I was so tired and overheated that I decided to simply sip sweet tea and play the role of Proud Wife.

Gerald was awesome! His songs really stood out, and his performance was great! After his round, the featured round started, and it was fantastic! These guys were seasoned writers and performers, and it showed in the quality of the songs. You'd pay $20 a head to hear something like this at the Bluebird, and here we were watching it for free. It was seriously good. Whenever they'd sing a great line or a great hook, the audience of songwriters would cheer and applaud. Really, really good.

I was thinking tonight about the diversity of our summer - July in NYC - August in Nashville - both so different, yet both fantastic!

We're wondering what it would take to live in three cities...


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Sebastian may have an opinion on that!!!!!

Allison Lynn said...

Sebastian's vote will be considered... :)