Saturday, June 26, 2010

Praying for Strangers...

Last night, Gerald, Sally, and I were on our way home from an evening of Thai food, when a young girl sat opposite us on the subway car. She couldn't have been any more than twenty - gorgeous, curvy, tanned, bleached hair, too much make-up, not enough coverage - but it was the shoes that gave her away. Not many professions require 5-inch bright red stilettos. Her awkward gait suggested a walker, not a dancer.

It was hard not to look at her - she was really striking - but what really caught me were her eyes. They held a quiet kind of sadness.

Every once in a while, our eyes would meet for just a second. I tried to smile, but she would quickly, without attitude, look away.

The other thing that struck me was the 50-ish tattooed man that found a seat opposite her - the perfect position to gaze upon her.

When we switched trains, she sat in our car again, and again, he found a seat next to her.

I had this strong desire to speak to her. I didn't know what to say, but I felt like I wanted to say something...

"Be safe."

"Do you need someone to talk to?"

"If you need a ride home tonight, give me a call."

I wanted to speak to her, but I didn't get that knot-in-my-stomach urge to say something. When I asked, "What do I do?", the answer came in one word:


So, I prayed.

Silently, with no showiness, I started to pray for her. I prayed over and over and over. I kind of couldn't stop. I prayed that she'll find friends and family to support her. I prayed that she'll discover God's love for her. I prayed for healing and wholeness of being. And again and again, I prayed for her safety.

She won't be aware of my prayer, but I trust that God heard me, and that He'll do the work that needs doing. I don't know how, but I know my prayers will make a difference.

I'm not saying this because I think my prayers are so great - I'm saying this because God has promised to hear and respond to our prayers - always.

So it got me thinking -

What if we prayed for the strangers
we encounter each day?

The guy who cut you off on the 401, the telemarketer who called during dinner, the neighbour with the dog who poops on your lawn - what if we prayed for them? What if we asked for their protection, for healing in their lives, for their salvation?

Imagine a world where everyone is walking through their day, covered in prayer...

I wonder how this could change us, our communities, our world...


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Allison... and a fantastic challenge also. Thanks for sharing!

Allison Lynn said...

Thanks, Donna :)

spunkyduckling @ praying for you said...

Sometimes in life all we can do is pray. Smile. I think its wonderful when we pray for others and maintain faith that God has heard. Thank you so much for sharing and yes imagine how different our world would be.