Sunday, June 06, 2010

Another St. John's Double Header!

Gerald and I continue on our quest to sing at every St. John's church in Ontario.

(Just kidding, but it does feel that way!)

This morning we sang at the beautiful St. John's church in Rockwood. Dad is doing an interim there, and it worked out that the one Sunday we had available was the one Sunday that their organist had to take off!

We started with a few originals, and then led the congregation in "How Great Thou Art." When you have a smaller crowd, the fear is always that they'll be shy and not sing, but let me tell you, these people SAANG! (say "saang" with a Southern accent for full effect.) It was awesome!

We led all the hymns, and did some originals and signature pieces throughout the service. It was just a wonderful service, and so great to hear Dad preach.

After a short turn-around time, we made our way over to St. John's York Mills for the Gathering service. Drew had asked us to kick it up a notch this week, and we were up for the challenge. Our team included us, Brian on drums, and Monika and Derwyn on vocals.

I'm not bragging, but I have to say, tonight felt great! There was a flow to the songs, and the energy was all very positive. We had some great harmonies happening, and they all kind of built and flowed very naturally. Gerald's guitar grooves kept the energy moving, and Brian's rhythms lifted us in all the right places.

We also featured a song Gerald wrote last year with Sue Smith called "My Soul is Spoken For." It fit in well with the theme, and at the end, we added a repeating refrain so the audience could join us.

We really felt like a team tonight. Awesome.

I've said this before, but it's so true:

Church is always pretty good, but some times, it's just really good!

Today, it was really good!

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Anonymous said...

It DOES feel good when your group meshes like that. I'm happy for you! Positive growth... more ministry will happen. Very awesome.