Monday, June 07, 2010

Please Don't Jump

So yesterday I went on one of my favourite blogs, Post Secret.

People write their secrets on postcards and mail them in. The secrets get posted on the blog and get made into books. They reveal deep, beautiful, and sometimes disturbing pieces of our humanity.

Yesterday's offering contained a secret that was completely frightening.
On the postcard, the person wrote:

I have lived in San Francisco since I was young.
I am illegal.
I am not wanted here.
I don't belong anywhere.
This summer I plan to jump off the Golden Gate.

My stomach dropped when I read this. I flashed back to the night I got the phone call about Steve - how I wished he had told someone his plans, how I wished he'd revealed how dark it had gotten, how I wished we could have known what was coming so someone, anyone could have stepped in...

I'm not alone my reaction. People around the world have immediately sprung into action. Some have sent emails through the Post Secret blog. Tens of thousands have joined a facebook page to send notes of love and encouragement to this anonymous friend.

I pray that this secret-writer will see the notes, will call for help, will change his or her mind.

But my heart still hurts because I know there are countless others feeling that lonely, countless others who are trying to decide if today will be the day they end it all.

To anyone who is feeling this way, please let me say this:

Don't! Please don't!

You are not alone.

You are loved by people in your life, even if you don't feel it at this moment.

You are loved by God, even if you don't feel it in this moment.

There is a better day coming, if you don't feel it in this moment.

If you're feeling overwhelmed today, please call someone for help.

1-800-273-TALK (8255)
U.S. and Canada

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who may need an extra hand today.


Anonymous said...

My heart hears yours. This is a message worth repeating. Way too many people feel like this in today's day and age. Thank you for speaking it, and for the message of hope you declare. I pray that it reaches the people who need to hear it.

Allison Lynn said...

Thank you, Donna! That's my prayer too...