Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rehearsal and rehearsal and rehearsal...

I love a good day of singing, but tonight, I'm just tired! Good tired, but tired.

I've been teaching some baby-music classes as part of an outreach program in Scarborough, so I started my day singing for babies and toddlers and Moms. Always a bright way to start your day.

In the afternoon, I moved to organizing charts for tonight's praise team rehearsal, upcoming gigs, and past gigs. Later in the afternoon, I decided I need a music secretary to prevent me from drowning in charts.

After a quick review of Sunday's music, Gerald and I joined Monique for an awesome Praise Team rehearsal. We love all the songs for this week, and the vibe was good. We're even throwing in a hint of bluegrass...

After a short break, I joined the Chorale for their rehearsal. Their alto lead was unable to make it tonight, so I subbed in. I can't remember the last time I did so much sight-reading! The first hour was hymns, anthems, and a motet. Challenging, but good. But in the second hour, we switched to Mozart's "Requiem," the focus of the Chorale's upcoming Palm Sunday concert. Sight-reading the alto line of Mozart, in Latin. Okay, the last time I did this much alto sight-reading was a million years ago when I sang in Ontario Youth Choir.

Definitely on the edge of my current skill set, but I feel I held my own. And if I didn't, everyone was too polite to tell me otherwise.

Church people are good that way.

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