Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lute on a Saturday Night

It was so glorious to see the sun today! On a long walk with the puppies, Gerald remarked on how springlike it all felt, and he was right. Maybe that's why all my work today felt so easy.

My big project for the day was a full product inventory. I pulled out all my CDs, bags, angels, and other items that make their way across our product table. I counted what we have in stock, how many we've sold, and the approximate income we've generated through our sales. I won't get into the numbers, but it was very informative. It also feels good just to know where we are with things.

Tonight, we had dinner with Andrew and Wendy, whom I met at last fall's Imagine conference. After a wonderful meal, we pulled out the guitars and shared songs and stories. For the grand finale, Andrew brought out his lute and played a few instrumental tunes for us. Nothing better than sharing time with wonderful, creative people!

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