Monday, February 01, 2010

Back to Blogging!

For the past week, I've wanted everyone who visited this page to see nothing but our Music for Haiti fundraising campaign, so I haven't blogged for a while, and lots has been happening!

- I'm happy to say we sold enough CDs to raise several hundred dollars for the Haiti relief efforts. What amazes me most is that we didn't have any major events during the campaign, so the money was raised by individual sales, downloads, and the occasional $5 bill someone would slip into my pocket.

- Last Monday, we sang for a Robbie Burns event. Kilts, flings, sings, and haggis - all good fun!

- In church on Sunday, we sang my communion song, "Living Manna, Living Bread." It was so nice adding Monique's piano and vocal harmony to the mix!

- I'm chatting with a great singer-songwriter friend of mine about doing some gigs together in June. Hopefully, I'll have more news about this soon!

- I'm thrilled to say I've booked Ali Matthews to headline our Tin Pan North Christian songwriter night! Mark your calenders for Friday, May 28, 7:00pm! I'm still working on a venue. If you attend a church in the Annex area of Toronto and you think your church would welcome our show, please drop me an email.

- And the big church news: in the next few months, St. John's York Mills will combine our 2 main morning services (contemporary & traditional) into one blended service. This will be a HUGE change for our congregation, and it's going to require a lot of adjustment, creativity, and generosity from our music team. Please keep us in prayer as we decide how best to combine organ, choir, and praise team in a way that is both exciting and satisfying for our congregation!

- Bible study in the morning - must go prepare!

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